Dec 122007
Tipperary crystal and cut glass was launched by master craftsmen Joe Foley and John Meagher in 1988.
As artisan craftsmen, they rapidly established a team that was uncompromising in its commitment to design and product quality in the turning and cutting of glass vases, wine glasses and figurines.
tipperary glass

Examples from the Tipperary crystal cut glass range

Having seen their business grow over the years – and being from Tipperary myself – they warrant a mention in Toffsworld. Their glass is beautiful to look at and well priced.

Most of the designs seem to draw their inspiration from Irish heritage – but that’s no harm. The swoops, swirls and criss cross patterns of Celtic origins lend themselves beautifully to cut glass.

You can buy online with prices starting as little as €25 or £18.

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