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Corinth Platinum Dinner Plate

Corinth Platinum Dinner Plate

In the mid 1700s Dr John Wall, an eminent physician and an apothecary, William Davis, began experimenting with materials and processes with the aim of producing porcelain. After their success, they secured funding from 13 other local business men to open a porcelain factory in Worcester.

Royal Worcester Porcelain and Ceramics now makes all types of quality household goods from coffee pots to full dinner services, casserole dishes to bowls and jugs.

You can choose to buy online or purchase their products from any one of hundreds of stockists around the UK and rest of the world.

In addition to an online shop, The Worcester Porcelain Museum houses the world’s largest collection of Worcester Porcelain.

The ceramic collections, archives and records of factory production, form the primary resource for the study of Worcester porcelain and its history.

The collections date back to 1751 and the Victorian gallery is decked with deep colours, extravagant exhibition pieces and works of breathtaking craftsmanship.

Royal Worcester Porcelain Museum

Royal Worcester Porcelain Museum

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  1. hi
    ive got a white bowl with the name wedgwood underneath.
    the nr 31y also appears on it,as well as made in england.
    i know its very old as it belong to my grandparents.
    culd u tell me what its estimated worth is?

    thank u

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