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Royal Doulton Figurine

Royal Doulton Figurine

Royal Doulton ceramic tableware is a quintessentially English name in tableware and collectables, with a pedigree dating back to 1815.

It offers the full range of lifestyle choices including dinnerware, giftware, cooking, china and glassware, collectables, jewellery, and much more.

The three key lifestyle brands are: Royal Doulton for the best of British quality, Royal Albert for English romanticism, and Minton for luxury that is classic, contemporary, and cosmopolitan.

Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton began as a partnership in Lambeth, London, in 1815 specialising in stoneware bottles and sewer pipes. The Victorian revolution in hygiene and sanitation proved crucial, providing a base on which to develop a portfolio of tableware and commemoratives. The company moved to Nile Street, Burslem in ‘The Potteries’ in 1882, attaining a Royal Warrant in 1901 to effectively put the royal into Royal Doulton.

There it developed a culture of innovation – married to a quality heritage – which lives today in its tableware and collectables. You can try classic, formal bone china like Biltmore with a distinctive underwater marbled pattern and gold trim. You can try Symmetry with its bold, contemporary ellipse deign stylishly realised in bone china tableware and glassware. And you can sample outstanding craftsmanship in collectables, such as Prestige Figures, including the luxuriant, mythical Princess Badoura piece, as well as, of course, the ever popular Pretty Ladies.

Royal Albert

Indeed, Doulton Home boasts regal connections throughout. Established in Longton in ‘The Potteries’ in 1896, Royal Albert is a brand that takes the English country garden and the rose, the national flower, as its leitmotif – and has taken that inspiration through successive styles, including Victorian chintz, Art Deco…

…It is perhaps best seen in the huge success of Old Country Roses dinnerware. Launched in 1962, and designed by Harold Holdcroft, its deep red roses and gold trim grace many a tabletop. After all, over 100 million pieces have been sold, making it the best selling bone china tableware in the world. It’s a pattern that is stylishly complemented by a host of boxed giftware, stationery, and collectable teas. With the launch of the ‘My Favourite Things’ range of tableware, giftware, and glassware, Royal Albert continues to be passionate about florals, femininity, and fashion.


With a pedigree dating back to no less than 1793, Minton made a name for itself with the award winning success of Majolica as an art form at the Great Exhibition of 1851. Boasting vibrant lead glazes, Majolica became the art form of the period for ornaments and tableware

Minton has never looked back. It opened the London Art Pottery Study next to the Royal Albert Hall in 1871. Its designer John Wadsworth came up with the best selling Haddon Hall tableware, based on a tapestry in Derbyshire. And it relaunched as a brand in 2001, to continue a commitment to what is truly unique.

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