Dec 122007
Meissen Ceramics Porcelain

Meissen Ceramics Porcelain

Ever since Meissen began manufacturing porcelain figures, quality has been the foremost priority.

It is hard to imagine that the Meissen patterns with their delicate execution could have been achieved in any other way but by hand. Therefore every customer can be certain that each piece is unique.

Differences in details, usually hardly noticeable, elicit the aura of authenticity and uniqueness for the connoisseur, a special aura that has made Meissen famous throughout the world.

An estimated 150.000 ceramic and porcelain articles can be produced by Meissen to order.

Documents and moulds are available for a further 100,000 items. In addition, new products are constantly being designed in the studios.

Artistic teams complete the repertoire of old forms and designs largely forgotten due to changes in taste over the last three centuries.

Meissen porcelain is sold worldwide by 300 authorised retailers.

Meissen trademark being inscribed on a piece

Meissen trademark being inscribed on a piece

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