Dec 102007
Spode hand finished ceramic

Spode hand finished ceramic

Spode ceramics was founded by Josiah Spode in about 1770.

The perfection of underglaze blue printing and the invention of bone china are two of the most important developments made by the Spodes.

After 1833 Copeland & Garrett and then W. T. Copeland continued the style and brilliance of the Spodes using the well-established Spode name along with their own.

Many different types of wares were produced from ordinary household wares to exhibition pieces, which won many awards at the international exhibitions of the Victorian era. Examples of exquisite painted fruit, flowers, landscapes and birds can be seen on showpiece ornaments and dessert services.

The Spode Blue Room, in the Spode museum, displays early blue printed wares and is open by appointment to ceramic researchers.

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