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Almeria Spain

Almeria Spain

The province of Almeria is situated in the south east of the Spanish peninsula and borders with the provinces of Granada and Murcia.

The capital city, also named Almeria is situated at the foot of a mountain.
This province is the hottest in Andalucia with an average annual sunshine of more than 3,000 hours, lasting from before Easter to November.
Inland Almeria has a landscape of desert, sandstone and dried upriver beds. It has long been a popular choice for filming Western movies among them Clint Eastwoods spaghetti westerns, ‘For a few Dollars More’ etc.
Almeria is also famous for its cave villages. Cave homes known as casas – cueva, are dug into the soft cliffs, which provide excellent protection against the desert heat in the summertime.
They have façades with windows and tiled roofs and chimneys which jut up from the earth behind. It is said that when a new child is born the owner has only to dig out a new room.
Roquetas de Mar is situated 8 kms along the coast.
This is a popular resort for tourists with good beaches. Set on flat terrain, fairly good paving and low-rise apartments make Roquetas de Mar ideal for families with younger children, and mature holidaymakers.
There is an 18 hole course right on the doorstep and plenty of quiet bars or restaurants catering for all tastes ranging from quick snacks to local specialties.
The salt lagoons begin at Las Marinas 4kms south of Roquetas and are a good vantage point to watch the magnificent flamingos and other water birds in just about every season. ….

Aguadulce is situated 15 km west of Almería.

It hosts 2,930m beach of fine white sand with a promenade lined with palm trees.
Aguadulce has grown from a very small fishing village to the present day as a tourist complex of hotels. At the end of the beach lies the marina.
The marina offers a wide variety of water sports. Additionally it also home to a shopping center, several typical fish restaurants and the nightlife of the town.
In the evening you could relax by taking a pleasant stroll on the promenade or sampling the varied nightlife.
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