Jun 212012
Sky City One

Sky City One - China to become Tallest Building in the World

Hardly a day goes by it seems that we’re not talking about another record in the world of Tall Buildings.

Comparative Skyscrapers

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But this one is exceptional on many counts. Not only is the Sky City One to become the worlds tallest building – 10 metres taller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, but it will be environmentally friendly, house rich and poor people and – be constructed in only 90 days.

The local government in Changsha, China, the provincial capital of Hunan Province, have approved construction plans by Chinese firm Broad Sustainable Building to erect the 2,749-ft skyscraper – commencing in November 2012.

Earlier this year – and to prove the reliability of its construction methods, Broad put up a 30-story hotel in only 15 days thus demonstrating that the building will be able to resist a magnitude 9 earthquake while being built in a zone where the design standard is Magnitude 6, thanks to the “trapezoidal pyramid solid structure.”

The secret to such speedy construction lies in prefabrication. About 95 percent of Sky City One will be assembled before a single shovel of dirt is moved.

CNN reports that the the Sky City One is projected to cost US$628 million: cheap when compared to the $1.5 billion bill for the Burj Khalifa.

Assuming the project succeeds, a revolution in onsite construction will have commenced.

Sky City One’s 220 floors will provide apartments for 174,000 people, with a hotel, school, hospital, offices, shops and restaurants occupying the skyscraper’s remaining real estate. Adopting the Broad “distributed energy system”, among the innovative green inclusions are turbines that provide power independently with the exhaust from the turbines being the source for cooling, heating and sanitary hot water – 50% more energy efficient than the power grid.


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