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eigg island scotland

Eigg island Scotland

Vladi Private Islands have been involved in the sale of Private Islands since 1975.

Recently, they were asked what are the largest private islands in the world.

Vladi referred to their archive and came up with the following.

Eigg Island Sold Twice

Eigg Island Sold Twice

The largest privately-owned island in Europe is Eigg Island in Scotland with over 8,000 acres.

In fact, this island was sold twice by Vladi Private Islands – the last time to an N.P.O. (non-profit organisation), which was heavily supported by Sir Paul McCartney.

Kenney Island in New Zealand – New Zealand’s largest privately-owned island and very likely the largest privately-owned island in the South Pacific. It has over 5,000 acres and was sold by Vladi Private Islands on two occasions.

Galloo Island in Lake Ontario, United States – this island belongs to the five largest islands of the United States. It has more than 2,000 acres and was just sold to a wind farm operator, a sale in which Vladi Private Islands was also involved.

Vladi Private Islands also participated in the sale of Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands – the largest privately-owned island there.

The very largest privately-owned island, which according to our records is approx. 40,000 acres, will be listed shortly by Vladi Private Islands. (It has a beach approx. 50 km in length).

When we started the island business in 1971, the largest island of around 1,950,000 acres was Anticosti Island in the Province of Quebec, Canada. It is the 90th largest island in the world and 20th largest island in Canada. In 1974, the government of Quebec purchased this island for the sake of the next generations.

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Vladi Private Islands

Since 1975, Vladi Private Islands have been specialising in the sale and rental of private islands worldwide.


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