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windmills across Majorca

One of thousands of windmills across Majorca

Majorcan property is among some of the most highly-sought in Spain thanks to the high standard of construction across the board.

Lacking the curse of overdevelopment that has so often blighted much of Spain’s more attractive areas, Majorca has retained its class, style and beauty while, at the same time, opening its doors to property investors and second home buyers. Its combination of fantastic weather, a wonderfully laid-back approach to life and the beauty of its coastline ensures that it will remain a perennial favourite among wealthy buyers.

Majorca Profile
Capital City: Palma is the largest and most important city on the island.
Population: Approximately 900,000
Time Zone: GMT +1
Country dialing code: +34
Currency: Euro (€)

Majorca Climate
Boasting lovely hot summers and brief, mild winters, Majorca’s climate is among the best in Europe. Spring starts in February and, by late April, the beaches are starting to fill up thanks to the steadily-increasing climate. October begins to cool, bringing wetter and milder weather from November. However, the annual average temperature is a cosy 18c.

Majorca Property
Buying property in Spain, whether on the mainland or here in the Balearics, is extremely straightforward and transparent. However, the regional government of Majorca has placed additional construction restrictions on developers, ensuring the island’s beautiful coastline remains unspoilt. Hence, the identikit, two-bedroom apartment in a high rise building – so ubiquitous on the mainland – is conspicuous by its absence on Majorca, meaning property investment is a different ball game altogether. Buyers should approach Majorca with a long-term game plan, looking for a steady capital gain on their income. Rentals are not as easy to come by either, as most locals on the island will tend to own their own property or remain in the family home for longer.

Hotspots on the island include Palma, which has some surprisingly affordable properties, all of an extremely high quality.

Majorca Flights
Throughout the year, Majorca is extremely accessible from the UK, with all four corners of the country offering some service to Palma airport. Budget airlines such as easyJet, Monarch, Flybe and Ryanair usually have some good deals – particularly in the less popular months – although for a more luxurious flight, British Airways is an ever-reliable option.


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