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Morocco with its Eastern charms

Morocco with its Eastern charms

Stepping back in time is not something solely confined to science fiction – take a stroll along any open air bazaar in Morocco and you are instantly transported to a world far removed from what westerners are used to.

Street vendors vie for your attention; the scents of various spices fill your nostrils; the sounds of street performers soar into the air as your gaze is diverted this way and that…Morocco stimulates body, mind and soul at every step.

Its great appeal, however, lies in its diversity. From the earthy streets of Tangiers and Fez, to the palm tree lined boulevards of Casablanca and Rabat, Morocco offers something for everybody.

With a Nikki Beach resort recently opened in Marrakesh, Morocco has made its intentions clear – it wishes to appeal to the high end market and has begun constructing properties which will certainly attract the wealthier investor.

Morocco Country Profile
Capital City: Rabat
Area: 446,550 sq km
Population: 31,000,000
Time Zone: GMT
Country dialling code: +212
Currency: Moroccan Dirham

Morocco Climate
Morocco’s climate is invariably warm and sunny, although it does differ from region to region. The Mediterranean coastline to the north is similar to Southern Spain, with hot, dry summers and mild wet winters. Inland can become uncomfortably hot during summer, while the southeastern desert areas can drop below freezing in the winter.

Morocco Property

Close to Spain, and offering a slightly better climate than its northern European neighbour, Morocco is certainly an appealing destination for the property investor. With many of Spain’s large developers now building there at lower costs, the build quality is indisputable while the prices are, at times, unbelievable.

The Moroccan government, having looked enviously at the developments occuring in Dubai, have made great strides towards attracting the foreign investor, with the aim being to attract over ten million tourists a year by 2010. Mediterranean Saidia on the northern coast is the most ambitious project currently under construction, stretching a good ten kilometres along the coast and boasting a wide array of property types, restaurants, bars, sports facilities and golf courses. Everything, in fact, you could want from an all-inclusive residential village, can be found at Mediterranean Saidia. From bargain one bedroom apartments to splendid and spacious villas, whatever your property purchasing needs, Mediterranean Saidia is sure to cater for them.

With low property taxes, capital gains of 15% last year and an excellent location at the foot of Europe, Morocco is set to become one of the strongest overseas property markets in the world over the next few years. Properties for sale on Morocco’s northwest Atlantic coast can be snapped up for as little as £40,000, but expect to pay slightly more on the Mediterranean coast and in the large cities.

Morocco Flights

Getting to Morocco is becoming easier each month, with more and more low cost airlines opening routes there, including EasyJet and Ryanair. The UK and Spain are particularly well serviced, with regular flights to Marrakesh, Casablanca and Rabat.


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