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Alone on an island

Alone on an island. Island life can be lonely if you're not prepared

So you have more money than most people can dream of – and you want to be alone.
You have an idea – buy an island!
Being an island owner is a great leveler if you choose to live on it. Islands are no respecters of wealth or the fact that this is your kingdom.
Even people who successfully manage to live on islands often have to put up with things that most people would find undesirable.

island paradise

Is island living really paradise?

Among them are the loneliness and isolation that come with being an island inhabitant. Paradise can take on it’s own type of discomfort.

There are questions you need to ask yourself before you throw yourself into this way of life.

Can you live comfortably in isolation with no shops, restaurants or amenities within walking distance?

Are you able to handle boats – even when it’s at its worst?

Are you prepared to travel by boat just to get supplies?

Are you prepared to be stuck on your island for days at a time if the weather turns bad?

You must be prepared for all of these things, and a host of others, if you really wish to live on your own island.

Island ownership is best suited to those with a particular set of traits. It is good for people who are active and want to organize things themselves—you must take care of your own meals, for example. You must be able to handle boats, love the sea and you must like nature.

Maintenance of facilities can become pricey and complicated – so you need to be able to do it yourself. Can you kick start an electricity generator, or fix the plumbing. A plumber or an electrical mechanic may be days away.

Island life can be a major, and often traumatic adjustment. To the uninitiated island-goer, living on an island means a daily sameness.

Plus there’s the sense of isolation, which prompts premature returns to the mainland. The sense of isolation can be overwhelming.

Once you’re on the island, you’re aware that there are only two ways you can leave— by boat or by air — or you can swim, but the mainland is often too far away for that.

However, if you have the right type of personality, and you’ve thought it through – give it a go.

And with the money you’ve obviously got, you can always return to your other mansion anyway!




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