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Pippa Middleton Bridesmaid

Pippa Middleton Bridesmaid

The Chief Bridesmaid is also known as the Matron (if married) or Maid of Honor (if unmarried). She is usually the bride’s sister or closest friend.

The Chief Bridesmaid undertakes many of the same duties as the best man does for the groom.

Her duties begin more or less from the moment she is asked to be chief bridesmaid and consist largely of being on hand to help the bride with whatever needs to be done.


The Day Before…
She has to help organise her hen party (kasiki) but make sure she leaves early so that she gets enough rest.Make sure the hair, make-up and pampering appointments are all set.
Check and double-check that the last-minute details, (florists, photographer and videographer, transport etc.) are under control.
It is advised that she spends the night with the bride so as to organise the dress-up routine for the next day. This is important if there’s a big bridal party. She has to make sure she knows where the shoes are, the jewellery, and every detail of what the bride, maids and flower girls are wearing and where to find them.

On the Day…
She helps the bride to dress up.It is her role to ensure that transport is on its way and on time
Before leaving home, check and double check that the bride has packed everything for her changing dress and the honeymoon luggage is organised
When at the church, arrange her dress, train, veil and head flowers before the bride enters the church
Ensure the flowergirls or younger bridesmaids are prepared and know what they are doing
Stand behind and to the side of the bride at the top of the aisle, take her bouquet and when she is standing beside the groom at the alter, you can help with duties like lifting her veil.
At the reception, it is important that she works together with the best man to help the newly weds enjoy the day.
After the reception, she has to ensure her dress is secure and put away carefully if the bride is changing at the reception venue.

Collect the remaining pieces of the wedding cake from the reception venue and keep it well wrapped and in a cool dry place until the bride returns from honeymoon.

Return any hired dresses or clothing

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Sep 272011

Role of Best Man

The popular perception of the best man at a wedding is of a risque boor whose main interest in the day is the chief bridesmaid.

Nothing should be further from the truth – unless your name is Harry and the bridesmaid is called Pippa!

The best man has a range of important duties which, if done well will go unnoticed.

These in chronological order are:

Organise the groom’s stag night and ensure he comes to no harm. Never hold a stag night the night before a wedding. A hungover groom is not funny.
Remember the rings.
Ensure the groom arrives on time and in condition, i.e. sober.
Remember the rings again.
Ensure that the ushers, page boys and flower girls know what they have to do, and check that they do it.
Escort the chief bridesmaid down the aisle.
Remember the rings and have them ready when required.
Make the speech toasting the groom.
Act as toastmaster if no professional toastmaster is present.
Ensure security of any wedding presents given on the day and safe delivery of those presents afterwards.
Organise somewhere for the bride and groom to change if they are leaving on honeymoon after the reception.
Ensure the couple’s luggage is packed and ready to go.
Return the groom’s hired clothes if he has gone on honeymoon.
Act as compere and roving host, introducing people to each other, getting conversations started and generally making sure things go smoothly.

Although the best man is usually referred to jocularly, he has a position of serious responsibility, so choose him with care – a bad best man can seriously damage your wedding!

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Feb 152008

perfect wedding planningEvery bride-to-be dreams of her perfect wedding day.

But how do you turn that dream into reality? Well, planning and preparation are the key…and you should start both from the minute you get engaged.

It may not sound romantic but the first thing you should do is start a wedding planner – a book in which you keep a detailed check list of all your plans, arrangements and bookings.

Once you have decided what sort of wedding you want – formal or informal, intimate or extravagant – immediately book the venue.

Summer months are always popular and churches or register offices can be booked up to a year ahead.

Next, set a realistic budget and decide who is meeting or contributing to the cost. If the bride’s father is paying, make sure he is in agreement with your plans.

Book the reception venue early and get a written quote for the cost.

Compile a guest list and ask both sets of parents to help with the seating plans to avoid family upsets. Then book the honeymoon and make all the transport arrangements and bookings.

Allow plenty of time for the bride to choose her wedding dress and the groom to be measured up for his new outfit. The minimum notice for many gowns can be weeks rather than days.

At the same time, choose dresses for your bridesmaids. If they are of widely varying ages, it might be better to choose a theme rather than a style.

When booking a professional photographer, ask to see samples of pictures and videos of previous weddings.

Get the florist supplying your wedding flowers to work with you to create something to suit your individual style of wedding, rather than choosing from pictures of standard bouquets.

Arrange to have your wedding invitations printed and posted at least two months in advance.

When booking your wedding cars, confirm in writing the exact model of car and colour you require – especially if it is part of your wedding theme.

Ideally, the happy couple should shop for their wedding rings together.
For an extra romantic touch, have both sets of initials and the wedding date engraved inside each ring.

Approach local department stores and obtain details of their wedding gift list services. Choose one or several stores and spend an afternoon choosing gifts with your bridegroom. Remember to buy small gifts for the best man, ushers and bridesmaids.

Finally, having planned and prepared like clockwork, there’s only one thing to do when your Big Day arrives – relax and revel in every moment of your unforgettable dream wedding.

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Jul 252006

Duties of Groom

It’s customary that the bridegroom and the best man should to arrive at the wedding venue about twenty to thirty minutes before the service is due to start.

The groom generally does not engage in much conversation during this time (not least because he’s probably nervous as hell) but should wait quietly, seated on the right front pew or row of seats.

When the ceremony is completed it is normal for the groom to take his newly married wife to his left and walk back up the aisle and on to the formal photographs.

At the Reception: The bride groom stand at the end of the reception line up or out of sight completely until introduced to the guests by the Toastmaster.

As they enter the reception, the groom should introduce the bride to members of his family or his friends who she has not already met.

The meal and speeches are next and the groom’s speech follows that of the bride’s father. His speech should thank everyone who helped organise and who contributed to the wedding, should thank the bride’s parents for giving him their daughter and should always end with a thank you and toast to the bridesmaids. Gifts are generally given to those who have assisted on the day and in particular, flowers for the new Mother in Law…

Following the meal comes the cutting of the cake during which the groom takes the brides hand in his and they cut the cake together.

Then traditionally there comes the first dance. Traditionally, the bride’s father cuts in during the dance and the groom invites the bride’s mother to dance. The bride’s father cuts in again and the groom resumes the dance with his new wife.

After this, the bride and groom have no more duties as such, and can spend the rest of the evening mingling, dancing and chatting.

If the bride and groom are leaving on honeymoon from the reception it is common to change at the reception venue, making sure the best man and bridesmaids are left in charge of any clothing and gifts that may be left behind.

If the bride and groom are not leaving from the reception but plan to stay until the end, it is a courtesy to get the best man and chief bridesmaid to make sure that everyone knows this, since some people won’t expect to leave until the bride and groom have done so.

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Jul 242006
Purita Hyam Wedding Cake

Purita Hyam Wedding Cake

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