Jul 302011
Guards Polo Club

Guards Polo Club is home to Cartier International Polo

Cartier International Day, is held in association with the Hurlingham Polo Association at the Guards Polo Club each year. It is one of the great events of the Polo calendar.

The main highlight of the day is the afternoon match for the Coronation Cup, which features the very best English players.
Cartier usually entertains about 600 guests from the world of stage, screen, literature and fashion over a gourmet lunch.
All visitors can have the opportunity to visit the unique and extensive Retail Village which offers everything from a cooling glass of champagne to a luxury dog bed; from a beautiful polo paintings to the very latest Audi’s.

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Dec 302010
St Moritz Polo 2011

St Moritz Polo 2011 - Click to Enlarge

For the first time in the tournament’s almost 30-year history, the St. Moritz Polo World Cup on Snow had to be cancelled this year (2012) due to the weather conditions.

St.Moritz Snow Polo

St.Moritz Snow Polo

The ice covering Lake St. Moritz was too thin to ensure safe conducting of the polo tournament. Looking to the future, the club will do everything to ensure optimal conditions for the next St. Moritz Polo World Cup in 2013.

The world-famous polo tournament on the frozen Lake St. Moritz is now being staged as a Nations Cup.

Patrons therefore represent their countries of origin.

Excellent co-operation with the local authority in St. Moritz, the White Turf organisers and the See-Infra Association has taken preparations for the St. Moritz Polo World Cup on Snow 2011 to an advanced stage.


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Mar 302010
Hurlingham Polo Association

Hurlingham Polo Association

The Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA)is the governing body for polo in the UK, Ireland and many other countries throughout the world. As such, it is responsible for the regulations and rules under which the game is played. This includes the handicapping of any one playing in the U.K. or Ireland, and the fixtures list. The object of the HPA is to further the interests of polo generally and support by all possible means the common interests of its affiliated clubs and associations.

In 2004, the HPA became an incorporated company limited by guarantee. The directors of the company are the Stewards who form an executive committee which meets usually four times a year. The members of the company are the elected Council representatives of the affiliated clubs and associations. The Council meets twice a year, in December and in May for the AGM and approval of the accounts.



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Jul 302008
Terms used in Polo

Terms used in Polo

Here is a brief summary of the main terms and expressions used in Polo Play.

Appealing, Claims by players for a foul, expressed by a raising of mallets above the head

Backshot backhand swing, changing the flow of play by sending the ball in the opposite direction

Bowl In,  When the umpire starts or resumes a polo match by rolling the ball down the center of a lineup of players, same as a throw in

Bump when a player directs his pony into the side of an opponent’s pony

Check and turn, Done to slow the pony and turn safely

Chukker, This is a term used for period of play in polo, seven and a half minutes long. There are six chukkers in a polo match

Flagman an unofficial goal observer appointed to signal by waving a flag over the head if a goal is scored, or under the waist if no goal

Field usually 300 yards long by 160 yards wide and outlined by sideboards

Handicap. A team’s handicap is the total of its players’ goal ratings. Tournaments are held in handicap categories. High goal polo is considered to be for teams rated nineteen goals or over, and medium goal play is fifteen to eighteen goals. There are many ways to build a team that meets the tournament’s goal limit. Quite often a strong team will want a ringer, a new or under rated player, to balance the team’s higher ranked players. The team with the lower handicap is awarded the difference in goals at the start of the match

Hook, Catching an opponent’s mallet in swing below the level of the horse’s back, to leave or turn the ball for a teammate

Knock In, after the ball crosses the backline, the defending team knocks the ball back into play from their own backline

Leave to ride, past the ball so that the teammate behind can hit it

Line of the ball, the imaginary line produced by the ball when it is hit or deflected

Made pony, A polo pony that is well trained for polo and has been played for some time

Mallet head, The part of the mallet used to strike the ball, the wide face of the head is used to strike the ball

Nearside, The left hand side of the horse

Neck shot, Hitting the ball under the horse’s neck

Officials, Two mounted umpires do most of the officiating, with a referee at midfield having the final say in any dispute between the umpires

Offside, The right hand side of the horse

Pass to hit the ball forward or laterally to a teammate

Player rating players are rated every year by their peers on a scale of -2 to 10 goals. Ratings are based on ability to ride, hit the ball, and perform effective team play

Penalty numbered from 1 to 10, a free hit is awarded to the fouled, from a set distance determined by the severity of the foul committed

Pony goal when a pony causes the ball to go through the goal posts

Positions there are four players on a team, the forwards are numbered one and two, and are mainly concerned with scoring, number three, the center half, assists the scorers and aids in defense, often the most experienced member of the team, defense and fast break opportunities are the responsibilities of the back, number four

Ride off two riders may make contact and attempt to push each other off the line to prevent an opponent from striking the ball

Safety also known as Penalty 6, a defending player hits the ball over his own backline

Sideboards short boards along the sidelines of the field to help keep the ball in play

Standings polo players are ranked yearly by their peers and their federation on a scale of -2 to 10 goals.

Stick the polo mallet

Stick and ball personal practice time

Sudden Death overtime play when the score is tied at the end of the last regular chukker, the first team to score wins

Swing hitting at the ball with the mallet using one of four basic shots: forehander, backhander, neckshot, tailshot

Tack all the equipment used on a pony

Tail shot hitting the ball behind and under the horse’s rump

Third man the referee sitting at the sidelines, if the two umpires on the field are in disagreement, the third man makes the final decision

Throw in when the umpire starts or resumes the match, he rolls the ball down the center of a lineup of players and mounts

Time out an umpire may call a time out when a foul is committed, an accident occurs, or at his or her discretion, a player may only call a time out if he has broken tack or is injured

Turn to backhand hit the ball away from the goal being defended

Umpires two mounted officials, one for each side of the field

Wraps the protective bandages the ponies wear on their legs

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Nov 012007
History of Polo

History of Polo

One view is that Polo originated in Iran over 2,000 years ago and developed as a sport to train cavalry in good horsemanship.

By the Middle Ages, the game had spread as far afield as Japan and China.

The 1991 edition of the Guinness Book of Records on the other hand traces the origins of Polo even farther back, to Manipur, in circa 3100 BC, where the sport was known as Sagol Kangjei.

Known in the East as the Game of Kings and the King of Games, this verse is inscribed on a stone tablet next to a polo ground in Skardu,Pakistan, just north of Kashmir.

British tea planters in India first witnessed the game in the early 1800’s but it was not until the 1850’s that the British Cavalry drew up the earliest rules. By the 1870’s the game was well established in England.

James Gordon Bennett, a noted American publisher and adventurer, was captivated by the sport and brought it to New York in 1876 where it caught on immediately.

The sports Golden Age is seen by many as the 1930’s. It was an Olympic sport and crowds in excess of 30,000 regularly attended international matches.

Nowadays, Polo is active in 77 countries, and although its status as an Olympic game ended in 1939, the International Olympic Committee recognised it as a bona fide sport in 1998 with its own international governing body, the Federation of International Polo.

It is still one of the few sports where keen amateurs can play alongside seasoned professionals.

Professionally, a few countries dominate the game, notably Argentina, England, Pakistan, India, Australia and the United States.

Among this field, Argentina is the team to beat. Argentina has been the uninterrupted world champions since 1949 and is today the source of most of the world’s 10 goal (i.e., top-rated) players.

However, explosive growth in players and the availability of good horses is honing the competitive abilities of challengers from many other countries, including the United States where there are more than 225 USPA member clubs with over 3,000 players.

The sports popularity into the wider masses is continually hampered by its image as an aloof and expensive sport.

While it is true that to play the sport competitively requires money, enjoying the sport as a spectator is something that is open to everyone. Most Polo Clubs and their players welcome wider members of the public to participate in the enjoyment provided by an afternoons match.

So Toffsworld’s advice is to check out what your local Polo club has to offer – you might be surprised by the warm welcome you receive.

Note however, that in most countries, outdoor polo is only played during the Summer months.

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Mar 272007

Polo clubs South America

Polo clubs South America

Major Polo Clubs in South America

El Metejon

El Metejón Polo Ranch has been linked to the highest levels of International Polo. The club is situated near Buenos Aires, Argentina this club offers


El Trebol

El Trebol in Argentina is a facility that provides full time, real situation polo instruction. They combine personalized instruction within a vacation-type atmosphere.


The following are based in Argentina but haven’t got websites…

Ascochinga Polo Club, Cordoba, Tel: 54-114-811-2011

El Malon Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-382-0102

Callvu Leuvu Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-281-2275

Bajo Honda
El Ombucito Polo Club, Tel: 54-6 842-3953

Bella Vista
La Reconquista Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-325-5332

Coronel Brandsen Polo Club, Tel: 54-345-542-1373

Buenos Aires
Mar del Plata Polo Club, Tel: 477-1453

Los Talas Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-811-1130

La Dolfina Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-813-9241
La Martina Polo Club, Email: lamartina@isei.com.ar
La Martona Polo Club, Email: semda@ciudad.com.ar
La Plegaria Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-802-5855

Capilla del Señor
Arroyo Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-393-3244

Carlos Tejedor
El Guanaco Polo Club, Tel: 54-235-742-0091

Carmen de Areco
El Triangulo Polo Club, Tel: 54-815-1082

Los Libres del Sur Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-816-4165

Los Huarpes Polo Club, San Juan, Tel: 54-264-421-1385

Chascomus Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-961-5737

Donovan Polo Club, Entre Rios, Tel: 54-114-521-3031

La Faustina Polo Club
El Galpon Polo Club, Camino a la Calera, Tel: 54-351-460-8763
Fortin El Sauce Polo Club, Tel: 54-358-442-0177
La Margarita Polo Club, Tel: tel. 54-358-601-1272
La Morocha Polo Club, Cordoba, Tel: 54-114-322-1349
Laboulaye Polo Club, Laboulaye, Cordoba, Tel: 54-114-385-2673
Mackenna Polo Club, Vicuña Mackena, Cordoba, Tel: 54-358-342-0681
Malagueño Polo Club, Malagueño, Cordoba, Tel: 54-354-343-4134

Coronel Granada
La Escondida Polo Club, Tel: 54-235-649-4120

Coronel Suarez, BA
Coronel Suarez Polo Club, Seccion Quintas 7540, Tel: 02926-421874/22547, Fax: 02926-422016

El Retiro Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-178-3138

Est Guerrero
La Pelada Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-811-0973

Gral Rodriguez
La Baronesa Polo Club, Email: info@labaronesa.com.ar
La Primavera Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-343-8166
Los Ceibos Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-331-5259

Gral Villegar
La Lucila Polo Club, Tel: 54-354-882-1181

Gualeguaychu Polo Club, Entre Rios, Tel: 54-344-642-6050
La Azotea Polo Club, Entre Rios, Tel: 54-344-393-8057
Las Petuñas Polo Club, Entre Rios, Tel: 54-344-371-9469
Hipico Gualeguaychu Polo Club, Entre Rios, Tel: 54-444-642-4398

Hurlingham Polo Club, Email: egree@compunet.com.ar

Los Pinguinos Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-621-4716

La Nevada
Aurora Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-393-4954

La Pampa
Chapaleufú Polo Club, Tel: 54-344-028-1094

La Plata
El Capricho Polo Club, Tel: 54-221-421-6851
La Plata Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-476-4668

Las Flores
Las Flores Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-542-9255

Araucaria Polo Club, Email: info@pololine.com.ar
La Castorina Polo Club, Email: eamaya@pololine.com.ar
La Espadaña Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-393-9922
La Gama Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-801-8424
Los Cardales Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-802-6276

Lomas de Lujan Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-345-0249
La Ema Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-393-9922

Caz General Necochea, Tel: 54-222-145-2645

La Madrugada Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-322-3777

Mar del Plata
Los Ranchos Polo Club, Batan, Tel: 54-114-866-2250

Campo Mendoza Polo Club, Tel: 54-261-124-0133
Las Gacelas Polo Club, Maipu, Tel: 54-261-424-1179

El Paso Polo Ranch, Tel: 54-114-779-0475

Mones Cazon
Magdala Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-813-1010

El Alamo Polo Club, Tel: 54-114271-2943
Guardia del Monte Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-449-6636

La Pandorga Polo Club, Tel: 54-232-049-2078

Mamuil Malal Polo Club, Junin de Los Andes, Tel: 54-297-249-1312

Norberto de la Riestra
La Leyenda Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-802-8277

La Alicia Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-326-2371

Open Door
El Establo Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-813-3320
High Door, Email: tg@terragarba.com.ar
La Aguada Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-311-8464
La Cañada Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-953-9846
La Loma Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-342-5890
La Picaza Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-315-7800
Las Betulas Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-803-0670
Las Praderas Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-383-8946

Amabera Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-326-6990
Bella Vista Polo Club, Tel: 54-232-249-0499
Clio Hue Polo Club, Email: cliohue@datamarkets.com.ar
El Silencio Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-312-8754
Fatima Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-312-0848
La Bellaca Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-784-9235
La Felicitas Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-394-4693
La Lechuza Caracas Polo Club, Tel: 54-665-0073
La Legua Polo Club, Tel: 54-232-243-0649
La Pilarica Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-322-5123
La Quinta Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-311-0982
La Yunta Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-814-4102
Las Marias Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-815-5037
Las Tacuaras Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-315-8555
Los Lagartos Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-393-1856
Los Robles Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-311-2134

Centauros Polo Club, Tel: tel. 54-232-243-1837
Ellerstina Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-813-9241, Email: tpieres@ellerstina.com.ar

Arroyo Saladillo Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-811-9489

La Loma de Zamora Polo Club, Del Carril, Tel: 54-387-431-4988

San Antonio de Areco
El Rosario de Areco Polo Club, Email: rosareco@netline.net

San Isidro
Jockey Club Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-763-0573

San Miguel
Los Indios Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-322-2765

Santa Coloma
La Invernada Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-803-0001

Santa Fe
Hipico Gral Belgrano Polo Club, Gral Belgrano
Las Achiras Polo Club, Tel: 54-342-469-2673
La Estela Polo Club, Santa Clara de Buena Vista, Tel: 54-340-442-1244
La Manuela Polo Club, Venado Tuerto, Tel: 54-346-243-4334
Las Rosas Polo Club, Maria Susana, Tel: 54-340-142-2364

Tafi del Valle
El Candelero Polo Club, Tucuman, Tel: 54-381-425-1473

Cerro Pampa Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-811-8442
F.E. Brig M. Rodriguez Polo Club, Tel: 54-229-345-1249
Hipico Tandil Polo Club, Tel: 54-229-342-3009

Trenque Lauquen
La Mariana Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-665-0074

La Elisa Polo Club, Email: jjjjecheverz@ciudad.com.ar

La Arisca Polo Club, Burruyacu, Tel: 54-381-422-9569

Vte Casares
El Metejon Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-409-7775

El Paraiso Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-394-3717
Los Baguales Polo Club, Tel: 54-348-943-2576

Unclassified Others
Fortin Mulitas Polo Club, Email: imasa@ssdnet.com.ar
Las Doradas Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-345-0249
Los Arreboles Polo Club, Email: gmoreno@mayo.com.ar
Magual Polo Club, Tel: 54-114-812-6775

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Jan 272007

Major Polo Clubs throughout Europe

Hurlingham Polo Association LogoHurlingham Polo Association

The Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA) is the governing body of polo in the UK, Ireland and many other countries throughout the world.

As such, it is responsible for the regulations and rules under which the game is played. This includes the handicapping of any one playing in the U.K. or Ireland. The object of the HPA is to further the interests of polo generally and support by all possible means the common interests of its affiliated clubs and associations.


A-Z Listing Polo Clubs UK and Europe

All Ireland Polo

The All Ireland Polo Club was founded in 1873, the second polo club to be established in Europe. The polo grounds are situated in Phoenix Park, Dublin.


Ascot Park Polo Club

Weekend and one day to full-week courses with expert tuition at Ascot Park, home to the International Womens Polo Association.


Beaufort Polo Club

With members including the Prince of Wales, this polo club in Gloucestershire has a number of coaches who can instruct beginners, novices and the more experienced.


Binfield Heath Polo Club

Founded in 1994, with the original intention to foster low goal polo, Binfield Heath Polo Club was granted full affiliation by the HPA in 1996.


Cambridge & Newmarket Polo Club

Formed in 1989, the Cambridge & Newmarket Polo Club site provides club, player and tournament information.


Cirencester Park Polo Club

Founded in 1894 Cirencester Park Polo Club is the oldest in the UK hosting top-class polo from 2 Goal to 22 Goal with 5 official HPA tournaments.


Congor Polo Club

Two exceptional fields, 200 stalls, a club house and the capacity to welcome 3000 spectators make this an international meeting of polo enthusiasts.


Cowdray Park Polo Club

Providing fixture information, match results, club news and membership information, Cowdray has several H.P.A. qualified coaches for novices and experienced players.


Edgeworth Polo Club

Situated near the Cirencester Polo Club, with whom Edgeworth has a close association. The Edgeworth Polo Club has been HPA Affiliated since 1995.


German Polo Portal

Information on Polo clubs in Germany, Polo events, Polo topics, Polo forum and details on the history of Polo.


Guards Polo Club

Founded in 1955 with HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, as president. The Guards site offers club news and fixture information


French Polo Clubs

The French Federation of Polo. Lists all Polo Clubs in France.


Ham Polo Club

The Ham Polo Club being only eight miles from Hyde Park Corner is proud to be the last surviving polo club that existed in the London area earlier this century.


Knepp Castle Polo Club

Knepp Castle Polo Club was formed in 1991and became fully affiliated to the Hurlingham Polo Association in 1994. Expert tuition for all level of experience is available.


La Chatta

La Chatta Polo Club is situated between Antwerp and Brussels in Belguim. Stabling and stick & ball all year round on gravel track… Tel: 00 32 478.88.10.91

Polo Club Chantilly

The Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly is located on a very exceptional site, bordering the “Forêt de Chantilly”, just 50Km north of Paris, France.


Polo Club Deuverden

Their members are the new generation of Dutch polo players. Their aim is to make the sport a more accesible to a larger public


Polo Gstaad

During four days in August, The Cartier Polo Silver Cup at Gstaad has became one of the major sports and social events in the polo world.


Polo St. Tropez

With 8 to 10 tournaments, the Polo season which runs from March through September offers many opportunities to play Polo near St.Tropez, at different goal levels.


Real Club de Polo de Barcelona

Currently more than 10,000 members form the large family of this Barcelona club, that has five sports sections Equine, Hockey, Paddle Tennis, Polo, and Tennis.


Royal County of Berkshire

The Polo Club has all the necessary facilities for year-round polo contained within its 240 acres of beautiful Berkshire Countryside.


Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club

The newest of England’s big four polo clubs, Royal County of Berkshire has six polo grounds and facilities for year-round polo.


Rutland Polo Club

With its first meeting in 1971, Rutland Polo Club now has 45 playing members and is continuing to achieve national tournament success.


Santa Maria Polo Club

Situated is one of the most important luxury developments in Europe – Sotogrande in Southern Spain, this club offers first class sporting facilities.


St. Moritz Polo Club

The St. Moritz club boasts an unparalleled alpine setting. The site contains club membership information in addition to polo news and features.


Stoneleigh Park Polo

Founded by The Honourable Diana Pritchard Johnson in 1986, Stoneleigh Park holds tournaments throughout the year with lessons and clinics available by appointment.


The Hurlingham Polo Associaton

The governing body for polo in the U.K. and many parts of the Commonwealth, this site provides lists of members, clubs and fixtures in addition to the latest news.


Toulston Polo Club

Toulston Polo Club was founded in 1939 and has full affiliation to the HPA. The club also now has two polo grounds


World Elephant Polo Association

The World Elephant Polo Association (WEPA) was founded in 1982 and has hosted a championship tournament every year since its establishment.


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Feb 262006

Major Polo Clubs in North America

Federation International Polo LogoFederation of International Polo

Polo events, handicaps, Polo gallery, Polo bulletin board, FIP store, Polo links, Polo history, Polo basics, World Cup Polo, Polo videos, Polo rules, Polo facts, Polo clubs.


The United States Polo Association (USPA) was organized in 1890 to promote the game of polo, coordinate the activities of its member clubs and individuals and arrange and supervise national and international polo game.


A-Z Listing Polo Clubs North

5th Chukker Polo Club

The 5th Chukker Polo Club, is a private polo club, located just outside Washington, DC, in Poolesville, Maryland, USA.


Aiken Polo

Polo has played an integral role in the history of Aiken, South Carolina. In the 1960s Aiken was hailed as the “Polo Center of the South”.


Blue Sky Polo Club

Located in the rolling farmlands of Orange County, just 65 miles north west from New York City.


California Polo Club

California Polo Club is an active member of the United States Polo Association allowing it’s members, students and guests enjoy the thrill of competion riding.


CalPoly Polo

CalPoly Club is a social club for students who share a love of horses and polo. The club offers to teach you how to ride, and develop your polo skills. Situated in California.


Chukkar Farm & Polo Club

Chukkar Farm & Polo Club brings the country to Atlanta, Georgia with a polo horse club, horse back riding lessons, and cross country horse jumping,


Dallas Polo Club,

The The Dallas Polo Club brings the best of polo to all, whether it’s international polo, your first polo lesson, or a corporate day out, this club can accommodate you.


El Metejon

El Metejón Polo Ranch has been linked to the highest levels of International Polo. The club is situated near Buenos Aires, Argentina this club offers


El Trebol

El Trebol in Argentina is a facility that provides full time, real situation polo instruction. They combine personalized instruction within a vacation-type atmosphere.


Eldorado Polo Club

Eldorado Polo Club has been blending the allure of the 1,000 year old game of polo with the glamour of Los Angeles and Palm Springs,


Empire Polo Club

Southern California entertainment venue, situated in Idoa. They offer polo, corporate events, weddings, banquets and catering.


Federation of International Polo

Responsible for establishing the international rules of polo and a list of handicaps applicable to its tournaments in additon to promoting the breeding of polo ponies.


Golden Gate Park Polo Club

The annual “Polo in the Park” at the Golden Gate Park Polo Field, San Fransisco is the in place to be each year for the well healed.


Greenwich Polo Club

Greenwich Polo Club is located at Conyers Farm in Greenwich, Connecticut, amid the splendor of some of the most beautiful scenery on the East Coast


Gulf Stream Polo Club

Gulfstream Polo Club, located in beautiful Lake Worth, Florida, is a player’s club. They promise you excellent fields, efficient management and friendly people.


Honolulu Polo Club

Located across from Bellows Beach in Waimanalo on Oahu. Their season is from June – October amd hosts visiting international teams and neighbour island clubs.


Houston Polo

The Houston Polo Club celebrated it’s 75th anniversary in 2003, this international club invited you to a Polo season filled with sportsmanship, entertainment, and fun for all.


Kaua’i Polo Club

Located at Anini Beach this club has hosted some of the finest and most interesting polo players in the world, including Memo Gracida and Sylvester Stallone.

No Web –

Las Colinas Club

Located near Dallas, Texas, this club hosts more than twenty tournaments each year, drawing thousands of spectators to witness the dramatic and artistic sport.


Maui Polo Club

They are located on The Island of Maui, in the state of Hawaii. The Maui Polo Club is lucky to have “The Hawaiian Hurricane” as their Club Pro.- Mr. DeCoite.


Meadowbrook Polo Club

The Meadowbrook Polo Club participated in the first-ever polo match on Long Island. The U.S. Open Championship was played at the Meadowbrook Polo Club in 1994 & 1995. Old Westbury, NY Tel: 516-626-0010 Fax 516-676-1890

Newport Polo Club

Each season the Newport International Polo Series attracts teams from the world’s six continents. The Club is located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, at historic Glen Farm.


Outback Polo Club

Outback Polo Club is located in Wellington, within Florida’s fabled Palm Beach County. The 40-acre private estate is a tranquil and unique setting for special events.


Pacific Coast Circuit

The Pacific Coast Circuit is the largest of the 13 Circuits that make up the United States Polo Association (USPA).  Encompassing the state of California, the Pacific Coast Circuit is home to 34 clubs and over 508 registered polo players


Palm Beach Polo Academy

With it’s rare environment of magnificent homes, world-class sports, fabulous amenities and a coveted location, Palm Beach Polo and Country Club has it all.


Playa Grande Polo Club

The Playa Grande Polo Club in El Toro, Irvine is at the center of equestrian pursuit in Orange County. The fast action of arena polo is a popular weekend activity.


Polo Centre

A directory covering all aspects of the sport of polo from clothing, equipment and saddlers to tuition, club fixtures and international polo news.


Polo Universe

A polo resource offering information on clubs and associations in addition to rules and handicap information. Polo Universe also offers online horse auctions.


Poway Arena Polo

Poway Arena Polo is situated in California. http://pvra.tripod.com/ Rose Spur Polo In 1988 Rose Spur Polo was created to provide players with a place to play good, clean polo in the favorable summer climate of the rocky mountains, Colorado.


Royal Palm Beach

Polo Sports Royal Palm sits on 160 acres. It’s multimillion dollar sports complex boasts seven polo fields, 320 stalls, a polo stadium and other amenities.


San Diego Polo Club

Their season consists of regular practices, matches, and tournament play, including several prestigious United States Polo Association (U.S.P.A.) competitions.


Santa Barbara Polo & Racket Club

Established in 1911, this club is the third oldest polo facility in the USA and is world renowned for its three lush polo fields and international outdoor competition.


Sante Fe Polo

The Santa Fe Horse Park is New Mexico’s premier multi-discipline equestrian facility located on the southwest side of Santa Fe.


Saratoga Polo

Saratoga Polo brings you the Sport of Kings – in beautiful Saratoga NY. Visit the web site for all the latest information on events at the club.


Southampton Polo Club

Facilities for breeding, training and the sale of Polo Ponies monthly leagues & tournaments, seperate low goal program, situated at Water Mill, NY.


Spencewood Ranch

Convenient to both Austin and San Antonio on over four-hundred acres of beautiful Texas ranchland, Spencewood operate a full service equestrian complex.


Temecula Polo Club

The Temecula Polo Club hosts the only 250 yard x 75 yard slick dirt field in southern California. They are located at the horse facility Galway Downs, Temecula California. Tel: 619 818 2482

United States Polo Association

Organised in 1890 to promote the game of polo, coordinate the activities of its member clubs and to arrange and supervise national and international polo games.


USC Polo Club

The USC Polo Club is at the University of Southern California located in Los Angeles. The USC Trojan teams participate in the USPA Intercollegiate tournament every Spring.


Will Rogers Polo Club

In 1953, the legendary C.D. LeBlanc started the Will Rogers Polo Club in Beverly Hills, making them the thirteenth oldest polo club in the United States.


Zero Gravity Polo Club

Zero Gravity Polo offers professional instruction, a string of experienced lesson ponies and a great attitude about the sport, in Woodside California.


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