May 172011

Properties real estate and condominiums in Miami Beach.


Luxury Miami Real Estate with Nelson Gonzalez

Luxury Miami Real Estate with Nelson Gonzalez

Nelson Gonzalez specializes in luxury homes and condominiums in Miami Beach and the surrounding communities. Whether selling, buying or relocating, entrust your real estate needs to us.
Miami Beach, Florida’s  winter playground has blossomed into a sophisticated community that welcomes visitors at any time of year.

Miami Beach offers more than fantasy Art Deco buildings; it is blessed with diverse cultural institutions, public beaches and boutiques that put a designer spin on Miami Beach shopping.

Miami Beach, Florida’s trendy charms revolve around its cuisine, sizzling nightspots and cultural scene.

Owning a property here is luxury – Nelson Gonzalez is the Realtor to deal with…


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Aug 292010
Knight Frank offers this stunning 3 bedroom 3 bathroom penthouse apartment with a large roof terrace in popular Grosvenor Waterside.
Asking price is £2,250,000.
Within walking distance of Sloane Square tube and the King’s Road and with the benefit of two parking spaces.
penthouse lounge

penthouse widelounge

penthouse bedroom

penthouse roof

Built around an historic dock, a stunning new riverside district has been created. Architects such as Twigg Brown and Allies and Morrison have contributed to the design of six individual buildings that are current, avant-garde and elegant.

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 reception room
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 139.03 sqm
  • Porter / Concierge
  • Penthouse
  • Purpose Built
  • Roof Terrace
  • Waterside
  • Private Parking
  • Leasehold
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Aug 012010

john travolta's airport home

John Travolta’s Home has a runway up to the front door.

Candy Spelling put Spelling mansion she shared with her late husband, famed TV producer Aaron Spelling, on the market for $150 million.

jerry seinfeld propertyBack in 2000, Jerry spent $32 million on this property he bought from Billy Joel, who’d purchased the home in the ’80s with then-wife Christie Brinkley!

george cloony propertyGeorge Clooney bought his Italian home in 2002 for $10 million.

home of mariah careyUntil the Spelling home went on the market, Mariah Carey’s dream home was America’s most expensive on the market at $125 million.

britney spears home in the countryBritney Spears is currently renting this pad in the country.

julia roberts homeJulia Roberts and hubby have just spent $20 million making their home ‘Green’.

avril lavigneOprah’s Italian-style villa in Beverly Hills.

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Nov 122009

Aerial view of Cyprus

The popular holiday island of Cyprus has been attracting overseas property investors in large numbers for the past few years thanks to its perfect Mediterranean climate and diverse culture. Cyprus has acted as stepping stone between east and west for centuries, which has helped create a unique mixture of European culture and Middle Eastern mystique.

Nicosia, the capital city, remains the last divided city in the world, and Cyprus itself is split into two parts: the southern two thirds are Greek Cypriot, while the northern third is classed as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Separated by the ‘Green Line’, the two sides coexist peacefully side by side, although it has traditionally been southern Cyprus which has attracted tourists and foreign investment.

The weather and scenery are the island’s main draws, offering year round sunshine and warmth and more stunning beaches than you can shake a stick at. With golf, historical sites and skiing available, Cyprus is much more than your average package holiday destination.


Cyprus Profile
Capital City: Nicosia
Area: 9,250 sq km (3,355 sq km is in North Cyprus)
Population: 780,130
Time Zone: GMT +2
Country dialing code: +357
Currency: Cypriot Pound – CYP

Cyprus Climate
Cyprus guarantees uninterrupted sunshine from June through to September, where blue skies are endless and temperatures regularly top 40ºc. Rainfall is scant during these months, which can sometimes lead to drought, although it can rain quite heavily in winter. Temperatures rarely drop below 10ºc, even in the coldest months.

Cyprus Property
With enough attractions to appeal to young and old, Cyprus has emerged as one of the leading European property hotspots over the past few years. With a noticeable British influence on the island (the currency is the Cypriot Pound and cars drive on the left), it has become a particular favourite among UK investors. The property buying process follows the UK system, and there are no restrictions on Brits buying property there.

The city of Larnaca is a popular choice for investors, thanks to its airport and excellent road links to the rest of the island. Property prices there are among the highest in Cyprus, yet a typical three bedroom house with private pool will cost in the region of CY£140,000, which is cheaper than what you would expect to pay in the UK. Beachfront apartments around Larnaca can sell for as litle as CY£78,000 for a new build property.

The Paphos region on the west of the island has been playing catch up for the past few years, but it is now firmly established as Cyprus’ most popular tourist resort, boasting a fine array of modern facilities and attractions. Hence, some of the most luxurious properties available on the island can be found there, with luxury private villas retailing from as little as CY£270,000 for a five bedroom detached home.

Elsewhere, Nicosia offers a good selection of city centre living, boasting good transport links and a large rental market, buoyed by the local population. The Troodos Mountains region has some of the most spectacular scenery on the island and is home to the ski resort of Mount Olympus and spectacular trails of unspoilt wilderness. Properties there are exclusive and exquisite, particularly in the pine-clad village of Platres, where traditional three bedroom villas cost approximately CY£190,000.

Cyprus Flights
Larnaca and Paphos airports are serviced by most UK airports with direct four hour flights. Most holiday companies fly there, as do British Airways and Air Cyprus.


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May 062008
suite residensea

A suite onboard the ResidenSea - it could be yours

All aboard for an offshore ship with a difference – the floating condo called Residensea – The World.

It’s the luxury property investment which brings the wonders of the world to your doorstep (or should that be gangplank?).

Just imagine it…through your panoramic window, the morning sun reflects off the glittering sea and, as you slip out of your luxurious bed, you wonder what awaits you on the horizon.

Dancing in the streets of Rio at carnival time? Christmas in the Caribbean? Or perhaps a shopping spree in New York. All this and more can be within minutes of your luxury penthouse, while, thanks to modern technology, you can still stay in constant touch with your investments and family and friends back in the U.K.

the world cruise ship

The World Of ResidenSea

It all began with the launch of The World Of ResidenSea, a condominium ship boasting 165 luxury residences, six years ago.

With homes selling for £1.45million to £5million, this 43,524-ton ship was presented as the ultimate private property enclave for those with serious money. And it created a huge stir in the property, cruising and holiday sectors as the only luxury condo ship plying the world’s oceans.

Now a new generation of condo ships are now being built as wholly residential floating villages. Four Seasons Ocean Residences and the monster-sized Magellan are newly-built vessels due to be launched by 2010.

A huge incentive for prospective investors in the Four Seasons floating condo is that the 112 private residences on the 48,600-ton vessel will be managed by Four Season Hotels & Resorts – although, predictably, this service will not come cheap. A one-bed berth costs from £1.875million – and goes up to £20million for a four-bed triplex. But for this sort of investment you get your own penthouse with wraparound terrace, a twin-bathroom master suite, a home office and hotel-style concierge services on call 24/7.

In its first year, the ship is scheduled to sail to the Amazon, Antarctica and the Grand Prix in Monaco. The pace, though, will be relaxed, with 250 days in port each year.

Rival Arizona-based Residential Cruise Line is aiming for bigger and, they claim, better with plans to launch their own $750million condo ship, Magellan, in mid-2010, with even more units on offer. The ship will feature 210 residences, with full ownership prices from £1.8million to £3.5million. This 76,000-ton ship will be the largest existing or planned condo ship in the world, carrying 1,100 passengers plus 350 crew, and is expected to travel to 150 countries and 300 ports annually.

With these projects in mind, it looks like the future could see an increasing number of investors waiving their option on a landlocked apartment or villa in favour of a life on the ocean wave.

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Mar 282008
Celia Barros for luxury property on the Algarve

Celia Barros for luxury property on the Algarve

Célia Barros – Properties maintains an exceptional portfolio of luxury properties ranging from stylish apartments with views of the ocean to magnificent detached villas with pools set in fabulous landscaped gardens.

All are within easy reach of the superb golf courses, excellent sporting facilities and extensive golden sandy beaches which the Algarve offers.

Are you contemplating to buying a holiday home or a permanent residence in Portugal’s Algarve? You are faced with making major decisions and it is therefore essential that you have absolute confidence in your advisors


Celia Barros Algarve

The objective of Célia Barros – Properties, is not just helping the customers in finding and purchasing the ideal luxury property, they also provide excellent after sales service. You can expect help in obtaining sound legal and financial advice or as much assistance as you require in adapting to your new environment.

Since you will want to spend time in the glorious sunny Algarve, relaxing by your pool or dining al fresco they can also suggest the best team of professionals to transform your garden into a haven of peace and tranquillity or a riot of year round colour.

If you would like owning your home to be as stress free as buying it they can provide assistance in identifying a Management Company able to offer you the high standards of service you will have come to expect.
Whatever your specification and however high your expectations Célia Barros – Properties will ensure that buying and owning a property in the Algarve is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

For more information and details of the properties currently available please visit the company’s website at


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Dec 192007
windmills across Majorca

One of thousands of windmills across Majorca

Majorcan property is among some of the most highly-sought in Spain thanks to the high standard of construction across the board.

Lacking the curse of overdevelopment that has so often blighted much of Spain’s more attractive areas, Majorca has retained its class, style and beauty while, at the same time, opening its doors to property investors and second home buyers. Its combination of fantastic weather, a wonderfully laid-back approach to life and the beauty of its coastline ensures that it will remain a perennial favourite among wealthy buyers.

Majorca Profile
Capital City: Palma is the largest and most important city on the island.
Population: Approximately 900,000
Time Zone: GMT +1
Country dialing code: +34
Currency: Euro (€)

Majorca Climate
Boasting lovely hot summers and brief, mild winters, Majorca’s climate is among the best in Europe. Spring starts in February and, by late April, the beaches are starting to fill up thanks to the steadily-increasing climate. October begins to cool, bringing wetter and milder weather from November. However, the annual average temperature is a cosy 18c.

Majorca Property
Buying property in Spain, whether on the mainland or here in the Balearics, is extremely straightforward and transparent. However, the regional government of Majorca has placed additional construction restrictions on developers, ensuring the island’s beautiful coastline remains unspoilt. Hence, the identikit, two-bedroom apartment in a high rise building – so ubiquitous on the mainland – is conspicuous by its absence on Majorca, meaning property investment is a different ball game altogether. Buyers should approach Majorca with a long-term game plan, looking for a steady capital gain on their income. Rentals are not as easy to come by either, as most locals on the island will tend to own their own property or remain in the family home for longer.

Hotspots on the island include Palma, which has some surprisingly affordable properties, all of an extremely high quality.

Majorca Flights
Throughout the year, Majorca is extremely accessible from the UK, with all four corners of the country offering some service to Palma airport. Budget airlines such as easyJet, Monarch, Flybe and Ryanair usually have some good deals – particularly in the less popular months – although for a more luxurious flight, British Airways is an ever-reliable option.


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Nov 302007
Morocco with its Eastern charms

Morocco with its Eastern charms

Stepping back in time is not something solely confined to science fiction – take a stroll along any open air bazaar in Morocco and you are instantly transported to a world far removed from what westerners are used to.

Street vendors vie for your attention; the scents of various spices fill your nostrils; the sounds of street performers soar into the air as your gaze is diverted this way and that…Morocco stimulates body, mind and soul at every step.

Its great appeal, however, lies in its diversity. From the earthy streets of Tangiers and Fez, to the palm tree lined boulevards of Casablanca and Rabat, Morocco offers something for everybody.

With a Nikki Beach resort recently opened in Marrakesh, Morocco has made its intentions clear – it wishes to appeal to the high end market and has begun constructing properties which will certainly attract the wealthier investor.

Morocco Country Profile
Capital City: Rabat
Area: 446,550 sq km
Population: 31,000,000
Time Zone: GMT
Country dialling code: +212
Currency: Moroccan Dirham

Morocco Climate
Morocco’s climate is invariably warm and sunny, although it does differ from region to region. The Mediterranean coastline to the north is similar to Southern Spain, with hot, dry summers and mild wet winters. Inland can become uncomfortably hot during summer, while the southeastern desert areas can drop below freezing in the winter.

Morocco Property

Close to Spain, and offering a slightly better climate than its northern European neighbour, Morocco is certainly an appealing destination for the property investor. With many of Spain’s large developers now building there at lower costs, the build quality is indisputable while the prices are, at times, unbelievable.

The Moroccan government, having looked enviously at the developments occuring in Dubai, have made great strides towards attracting the foreign investor, with the aim being to attract over ten million tourists a year by 2010. Mediterranean Saidia on the northern coast is the most ambitious project currently under construction, stretching a good ten kilometres along the coast and boasting a wide array of property types, restaurants, bars, sports facilities and golf courses. Everything, in fact, you could want from an all-inclusive residential village, can be found at Mediterranean Saidia. From bargain one bedroom apartments to splendid and spacious villas, whatever your property purchasing needs, Mediterranean Saidia is sure to cater for them.

With low property taxes, capital gains of 15% last year and an excellent location at the foot of Europe, Morocco is set to become one of the strongest overseas property markets in the world over the next few years. Properties for sale on Morocco’s northwest Atlantic coast can be snapped up for as little as £40,000, but expect to pay slightly more on the Mediterranean coast and in the large cities.

Morocco Flights

Getting to Morocco is becoming easier each month, with more and more low cost airlines opening routes there, including EasyJet and Ryanair. The UK and Spain are particularly well serviced, with regular flights to Marrakesh, Casablanca and Rabat.


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Oct 012007

buy property qatarBuying property in Qatar is no longer the risky venture you may have once thought. With a stable economy and benign political climate – indeed, foreigners are actively encouraged to invest in the country – there has never been a better time to look towards this beautiful Middle Eastern land for investment purposes.

Trust us, you will not be disappointed with the results.

Qatar Profile
Capital City: Doha
Area: 11,437sq km
Population: 841,000
Time Zone: GMT +3
Country dialing code: +974
Currency: Riyal (QAR)

Qatar Climate
For a country made up predominately of low, rolling sandy deserts, Qatar is – as you would expect – fiercely hot throughout most of the year. Winters are relatively mild, with some nights dropping below freezing in the desert in December. Rainfall is extremely light and there are no rivers or lakes in Qatar; yet as an archipelago it is surrounded on three sides by the Persian Gulf.

Qatar Property
The government of Qatar has recently committed a $65 million investment towards the country’s infrastructure and energy initiatives, sparking a number of investors into action. With its excellent climate, low taxes and strategic location, industry watchers are waiting to see whether Qatar can have the impact that Dubai has had on the overseas property market.

The signs so far have been very positive. With an economy diversifying and no longer over-reliant on Qatar’s oil reserves, the country’s GDP is set to add to its already impressive growth of 8% during 2007. With mortgages now available to foreigners at an incredible 90% (with just 5% interest rates in many cases); and with property prices in Qatar far lower than in Dubai, a number of overseas property investors have turned their attentions this way.

With the amazing Pearl of Qatar the flagship development, other developers, investors and estate agents have developed a keen interest and solid confidence in Qatar’s ability to attract the second home owner and investor, thanks to the quality of build on offer, the wonderful climate and the low property prices. With the Pearl setting such high standards, other developers now know that, in order to realistically compete, they must produce quality at an affordable price; and they must produce it soon. Investors are waiting in the wings, with eager anticipation of Qatar’s future.

Qatar Flights
While there are currently no low-cost carriers flying to Qatar, it is definitely a case of watch this space at the moment. British Airways and Qatar Airways have twice-weekly flights from Gatwick and Heathrow, while Qatar Airways also offers a weekly service from Manchester. A number of other airlines such as KLM and TravelUp offer services from Birmingham, Edinburgh and Dublin.

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