Aug 302006

Miuccia Prada Designer

Miuccia Prada Designer

Prada was started in 1913 by Mario Prada and his brother Martino as a leathergoods shop. Initially, the shop sold leather goods and imported English steamer trunks and handbags.

Prada’s originality made it one of the most influential fashion houses, and the brand became a premium status symbol in the 1990s.

The signature Prada look encompassed luxurious fabrics in mostly black, browns, grays, greens, and creams to create simple, yet provocative styles.

Life in Italy states that clothing was “sexy and spoke of confidence without revealing too much skin. Accessories included skinny leather belts, elegant high heeled shoes, and of course, the classic handbag.

In 1978, Mario’s granddaughter, Miuccia Prada, took over the company. Miuccia had spent five years studying at Milan’s Teatro Piccolo, and had a PhD in political science. Although her qualifications didn’t seem appropriate, her sense of fashion was unmistakable. The label was still mainly a leather goods manufacturer at that point, and had been struggling financially for several years. Competition from other fashion houses like Gucci had taken its toll. Miuccia turned things around and steered the House of Prada towards the world of haute couture.

Taking advice from her husband to be – Bertelli, Miuccia stopped importing English leather and concentrated on her own design.

Prada launched its women’s ready-to-wear collection in 1989, and Prada’s popularity skyrocketed, inspired by Miuccia Prada when the fashion world took notice of its clean lines, opulent fabrics, and basic colors.

Since the mid-1990s, there have been few status symbols as potent as the Prada-embossed silver triangle.

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Aug 302006

The name Pierre Balmain stands for a unique concept of design elegance, a clientele of royalty and film stars, and a fashion hallmark recognized throughout the world as Haute Couture.

pierre balmain haute coutureThe name Pierre Balmain is synonymous with elegance. The name conjures associations with a clientele composed of royalty and film stars spring to mind. Pierre Balmain was born in St Jean de Maurienne, Savoie in 1914. He trained with both Molyneux and Lucien Lelong before opening his own Haute Couture in Paris following World War 2.

A success from its outset, the 1960s were a particularly rewarding time for Balmain, whose uncluttered fashion designs focused on structure and contrasts of cut and style.

Balmain designed personal wardrobes for numerous international stars, including Brigitte Bardot, Marlene Dietrich, and Katherine Hepburn among others.. This period also marked Balmain’s first meeting with Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand , who chose him to be her personal couturier.

The ready-to-wear division, founded in the 1970s gradually made an impact on the market and now holds some 220 licenses worldwide.

With the death of Pierre Balmain in 1982, the torch was passed to Erik Mortensen, his personal assistant since 1951 and closest collaborator. Mortensen maintained the House’s traditions but developed and updated styles and designs in the spirit of its founder. In recognition of his achievements he won the France Haute Couture Golden Thimble Awards for his Autumn-Winter 1983/1984 collection. He was again awarded this honour in 1987.

Following Mortensens departure from the House of Balmain in 1990, he was replaced by Hervé-Pierre, who served as fashion designer for 3 years for both the Haute Couture and ready-to-wear collections.

In 1993 American fashion designer Oscar de la Renta signed his first Haute Couture collection for Pierre Balmain and remained there till 2002. A decline has been witnessed in recent years not halted with Haute Couture designs by Laurent Mercier and then Christophe Lebourg.

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Aug 292006


Imaginative Hermes Display

Thierry Hermès founded a saddlery company in 1837. In time he had added boots, jewelry, home decor items, and silk scarves.

The first Hermes in Paris opened in the 1930s, the famous silk Hermes scarf soon became a great success. In fact the first silk scarf the company made was in 1937 and was called “Jeu des Omnibus et des Dames Blanches”. Since then, Hermès has introduced about 1,500 scarf designs.

Hermès products for both men and women have been inspired from the outset by horses or horse motifs.

famous hermes silk scarves

Famous Hermes Silk Scarf

It is the Hermes scarf that is most popular with men and women.

In May 1997, the highly renowned designer of Belgian origin Martin Margiela took over the women’s wear design job with responsibility for all designs.

A former assistant of Jean-Paul Gaultier Margiela is known for creations that reconsider established design concept, like placing seams on the outside of clothes.

The chairman of the company is Jean-Louis Dumas, a fifth generation member of the Hermes family. Hermes is a member of Chambre Syndicale du Pret-a-Porter.

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Aug 292006
Renzo Rosso Founder of Diesel Clothing

Renzo Rosso Founder of Diesel Clothing

Diesel  was founded by Renzo Rosso who was born 15 September 1955 in Brugine in Italy. He was an industrial textile graduate who moved into making his own clothes.

In 1978 he joined forces with other manufactures to form the Genius Group a group which created many successful clothing brands including Diesel. In 1985 Renzo took complete control of Diesel by buying out the other partners and becoming the sole force behind the brand.

In 1988 Renzo hired straight out of fashion college its Creative Director Wilbert Das, and in 1996  it opened on New York’s Lexington Avenue.

In February 2007, the company launched a major intimates and beachwear division for men and women that is carried in the retail and department stores.

Diesel says of itself: Diesel is an innovative international design company, producing a wide-ranging collection of jeans, clothing and accessories.
Diesel is a leader in pioneering new styles, fabrics, manufacturing methods and quality control to guarantee an outstanding product.
The company is present in over 80 countries with over 5,000 points of sale and more than 300 monobrand stores (200 of which are company-owned and the rest in partnership with local distributors).

Diesel Denim Collection 2011

Diesel Denim Collection 2011

Production of denim jeans is based mainly in Italy.

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Aug 292006
Chiarugi Designer Swimwear and Lingerie

Chiarugi Designer Swimwear and Lingerie

Chiarugi was founded in the mid-1980’s. The company began with lingerie and intimate apparel, creating a style that swept away traditional colors and materials and taking over new, emerging styles.

Chiarugi’s heritage is visible in its distinctive style: cultural trends, the power of inexhaustible creativity, ongoing innovative research and strong background of experience.

Chiarugi beachwear is about style and fashion trends. Unusual appliqués and sophisticated materials express the personality of the woman who wears it: elegance or a desire to be noticed, character or effervescence, or an ironic way of looking at the world.

From now on, Chiarugi merchandise will only be available in the virtual shop – a single brand store, open all over the world and ready to welcome its old and new customers.

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Aug 292006

Antoine and Lili Paris Fashion Shop and Designs

Antoine and Lili Paris Fashion Shop and Designs

Antoine and Lili was started in Paris in 1994.

It represents a colourful, ethnic, urban mix in fashion on the basis that their is a ‘little bit of Antoine and Lili in all of us”.

They opened their fist boutique in 1997 and from there, 10 shops sprang up to include accessories, jewellery and even kids wear.

Of the shop in St Martin , Lonely Planet writes: “Do not – repeat, do not – enter this huge shop, spread through three townhouses facing the Canal St-Martin, with a hangover. The décor (shocking pink, chartreuse, blinding yellow) will have you begging for mercy.”

Originally just a small lively store in Paris, Antoine & Lili has many stores in France and can also now be found in London, Japan & Singapore. Plus online boutique.

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Aug 282006

canali designer wear
In 1934, the brothers Giovanni and Giacomo Canali founded a Tailoring workshop dedicated to the manufacture of high quality clothing.

In the 1950’s – with the contributions of the family’s second generation – sales swelled. As the firm specialized in fine menswear, its presence began to influence the Italian market. By the mid Seventies, the firm had opened its doors to foreign buyers. Exports consumed 50 percent of the entire Canali production in 1980.

Canali For Men Winter 2010

Canali For Men Winter 2010

The range of Canali products broadened with the launch of the Canali Proposta and Canali Exclusive lines, as well as expanding to encompass an accessories collection of shirts, ties, belts, shoes and the distinctive line of CANALI Sportswear.

In its third generation, Canali today constitutes a design and manufacturing group, with seven centers of production located in Italy – all connected with its headquarters at Sovico, near Milan.

Each garment is Tailored made and 100 percent produced in Italy.

The new Autumn Winter 2010 collection is a play on geometrical patterns, signs and creativity: sharp tailoring in cool colourways for a modern, metropolitan look, juxtaposed against more rounded, supple silhouettes in warm tones permeated by a vintage, aristocratic feel.

The numbers: every day Canali’s 1,500 employees produce some 1,400 suits and 1,600 pairs of trousers, all of them Tailored and finished by hand one at a time – to serve a clientele in more than 80 countries. Exporting about 75 percent of production, Canali maintains 11 show-rooms abroad. Canali can be purchased at 1,000 locations around the world, including specialty stores with over fifty exclusive shop-in-shops and the flagship stores in Milan, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Miami, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Beijing, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and Kuwait City.

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