Nov 292006
Cape Horners

Cape Horners

The International Association of Cape Horners is for sailors who have rounded Cape Horn.

Sir Robin Knox Johnson

Sir Robin Knox-Johnson first rounded the horn 40 years ago

Membership of the IACH is open to all those who have rounded Cape Horn under sail alone, in a recognised event (as approved by the IACH Committee) where the use of engines for propulsion is prohibited by the rules of the event.

The Horn rounding must be part of a non-stop passage of at least 3000 nautical miles and shall pass through fifty degrees south in both Pacific (or Indian) and Atlantic Oceans.

Crews of other sailing vessels rounding the Horn, where the voyage is not a recognised event, may apply for the voyage to be approved by the Committee. Each application will be vetted by the Committee and approved only by unanimous agreement that the voyage complies with the spirit, if not the detail, of the IACH Rules. Therefore, solo, or independent crewed, roundings must provide evidence that the passage took place

Membership is open to all nationalities who have participated in such events or roundings.

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