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Ace Marine Ltd, the Fife-based firm of naval architects, has acquired the oldest continually operating yacht design business in the world, A Mylne & Co – including the design archive, described by some enthusiasts as a “treasure troves“.

Established in 1896 by Alfred Mylne, the design office produced some of the finest and fastest yachts of the 20th century. Within the collection are many unique examples of a vast range of craft, from race-winning 8 metres to Dunkirk little ships.

Famed for his part in the development of the metre class rule in 1906, Alfred Mylne successfully pressed for the introduction of scantling rules for racing yachts, ensuring that not only would the new metre class be fast but would also be “built to last 50 years”.

As a young draughtsman, he drew the plans of the Royal yacht Britannia, the racing cutter first owned by the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), which passed to his son, King George V.

Mylne boats gained a reputation as the bonniest, fastest and best-built boats of their time. Their sweeping lines are regarded as works of art.

This tradition will be continued through Ace Marine which currently is archiving the 400 or so designs in an operation.

Prospective clients are able to purchase the design rights to the yachts, presentation quality drawings and study plans.In addition, Ace Marine will be offering bespoke designs for traditional vessels with a modern capability.

Ian Nicolson, a partner in A Mylne & Co since 1956 and a world-renowned yachting writer, will join forces with Ace Marine. David Gray, director of Ace Marine, said: “Ian brings a wealth of experience to the business, as well as unparalleled enthusiasm.”

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