Jan 022012


Gaucho Polo International O2

Gaucho Polo International O2 Arena February 2011

Gaucho International Polo comes to London and the O2 arena – Again…

On March 21st 2012 Polo will take another historic step into the sporting mainstream with this unique indoor event at The O2.

February 2011 saw the inaugural ‘Gaucho International Polo’ tournament at The O2. The event attracted over 7000 spectators and was the highest attended indoor ‘International’ in the history of the sport.

Wednesday March 21st, 2012 will see the return of the event in a more intense format that will express the passion and culture of Polo, Gaucho and Argentina.

Building on last year’s successful event and the sport’s growing popularity, The O2 offers spectators the chance to get right into the thick of the action with their intimate arena setting. This interesting twist on indoor arena polo provides a dynamic form of the sport which is played on a reduced pitch, providing a quicker, slicker game to add to the already highly-charged gladiatorial contest. Traditional arena polo rules, which feature only three players, enhance the spectator experience and will magnify the intense atmosphere.


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