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Eduardo Huergo Interim President

Eduardo Huergo Interim President FIP

In the early 1980’s, motivated by a desire to broaden the scope of international polo, as well as to restore the sport’s Olympic status, Marcos Uranga, then President of the Argentine Polo Association, proposed that an international organization be formed among the polo playing countries of the world.

The initial meetings took place in Buenos Aires, and by April of 1982, the Federation of International Polo, quickly known as “FIP,” was created.

Marcos Uranga becasme the FIP’s first President.

It was known from the beginning that in order to gain the recognition of the IOC, Polo had to have international rules. There also had to be a common experience of the game in many countries and FIP had to be able to put on world-class tournaments.

The first World Polo Championship was played in Buenos Aires in 1987. Five teams played – Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Spain. There were no surprises; Argentina defeated Mexico in the final and became the first of polo’s modern World Champions at 10 to 14-goal handicap.

In March 2010 Eduardo Huergo was appointed interim President of FIP following the death of James Ashton.

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