Nov 112006
Ferrari F430 Spider

Ferrari F430 Spider

The production of Ferrari road cars is strictly limited and only a few clients each year in the UK are able to enjoy the pleasure of selecting their own specification as their new car is hand built for them in Italy.

Benefits of ownership go further with Ferrari’s most valued clients in the UK  able to enjoy the opportunity to drive on the finest racing circuits in the world and participate in a series of exclusive Ferrari events through the elite programme called Fiorano Ferrari (

The only company in the world to apply Formula 1 technology to its production cars throughout its history, Ferrari prides itself on building the finest high-performance road cars available today.

Highly innovative aerodynamics and the latest upgrade F1 transmission

0-60: 4.1 seconds

Engine: 4.3 litre V8

Power: 483bhp

Torque: 343 lb-ft

Top Speed: 193mph

Gearbox: 6 manual or F1

Country of Origin: Italy

Prices from: 127,050 GBP


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