Mar 272011
Mirco Demuro Victoire Pisa Dubai

Italian jockey, Mirco Demuro on Japanese horse Victoire Pisa wining Dubai Cup 2011

The Group One US$10 million Dubai World Cup, sponsored by Emirates Airline has been won by Victoire Pisa.

Yoshimi Ichikawa owner of Victoire Pisa winner of Dubai Cup 2011

Yoshimi Ichikawa owner of Victoire Pisa winner of Dubai Cup 2011

Victoire Pisa won a race which culminated in a virtual stampede close home – as the first five home could have been covered by a desert rug. The four year old won for trainer Katsuhiko Sumii, jockey Mirco Dimuro, but most of all for some sort of poetic justice.

Japanese horses are not notable for their successful forays on foreign soil, but here, in the nation’s most devastating of times, came victory in the biggest one them all, the most valuable horse race in the world.

There is no such animal as a deserved victory in sport, but racing does possess the pleasant habit of spewing out a result to please all including the vanquished. No-one was mad.

For the second year running it was payback too for jockeyship of the utmost daring. The pace set by Transcend and Shinji Fujita (which would have its own reward in second place and a Japanese forecast) was slow enough to raise a titter.

Stopwatches were almost put away to be replaced by the turning pages of a calendar. The only rider seemingly disturbed by this was Demuro who circled the entire field down the back straight and then invited one of his 13 rivals to do the same. That they could was testament to the Italian’s shrewdness and the unbound courage of the colt beneath him.

It was a beautiful victory and a beautiful story, appropriately enough emerging from a most gorgeous collection of horseflesh.

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