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Traditional Wedding Cake

Traditional Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is an ancient tradition that symbolises union and allows the guests to share in this happiness.
It has also developed many myths of it’s own, most of them harmless fun to do with future marriage and love.
The fruits and grains were introduced to symbolise fertility. This is why the cake forms the central focal point at the reception to this day.
The tradition of the cake dates back at least to Roman times who ate a cake made of wheat flour while the wedding service was in progress.
Tiered and iced confection was introduced to Britain from France after 1660. Originally this icing was crumbled over the bride´s head.
The top tier is traditionally set aside and kept until the christening of the couple´s first child.
And the guest who found a ring in the cake was said to be ensured happiness for a year.

Wedding cake was given to unmarried guests as they left the reception.

They would place these slices under their pillows to improve their chances of marrying. In this event, Bridesmaids would apparently dream of their future husbands.

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