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Pippa Middleton Bridesmaid

Pippa Middleton Bridesmaid

The Chief Bridesmaid is also known as the Matron (if married) or Maid of Honor (if unmarried). She is usually the bride’s sister or closest friend.

The Chief Bridesmaid undertakes many of the same duties as the best man does for the groom.

Her duties begin more or less from the moment she is asked to be chief bridesmaid and consist largely of being on hand to help the bride with whatever needs to be done.


The Day Before…
She has to help organise her hen party (kasiki) but make sure she leaves early so that she gets enough rest.Make sure the hair, make-up and pampering appointments are all set.
Check and double-check that the last-minute details, (florists, photographer and videographer, transport etc.) are under control.
It is advised that she spends the night with the bride so as to organise the dress-up routine for the next day. This is important if there’s a big bridal party. She has to make sure she knows where the shoes are, the jewellery, and every detail of what the bride, maids and flower girls are wearing and where to find them.

On the Day…
She helps the bride to dress up.It is her role to ensure that transport is on its way and on time
Before leaving home, check and double check that the bride has packed everything for her changing dress and the honeymoon luggage is organised
When at the church, arrange her dress, train, veil and head flowers before the bride enters the church
Ensure the flowergirls or younger bridesmaids are prepared and know what they are doing
Stand behind and to the side of the bride at the top of the aisle, take her bouquet and when she is standing beside the groom at the alter, you can help with duties like lifting her veil.
At the reception, it is important that she works together with the best man to help the newly weds enjoy the day.
After the reception, she has to ensure her dress is secure and put away carefully if the bride is changing at the reception venue.

Collect the remaining pieces of the wedding cake from the reception venue and keep it well wrapped and in a cool dry place until the bride returns from honeymoon.

Return any hired dresses or clothing

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