Mar 142015
Amedei Fine Italian Chocolate

Amedei Fine Italian Chocolate

Amedei is the finest and most expensive chocolate in the world.

Most of the cocoa beans come from Venezuela: with the Porcelana and Chuao being the world’s most exclusive Beans.

Venezuela and Madagascar grow more than 85% of the world’s Criollo, the ancient cocoa bean of the Maya.

Trinidad, Ecuador, Jamaica and Grenada produce a very high quality Trinitario which is used exclusively by Amedei.

Amedei is based in Pontedera in the Pisa area of Italy.

Company ethics ensure that the growers of the beans always receive the best price for their crop. Amedei is the world’s only manufacturer of the exquisite Chuao couverture, which is adored by chocolate afficianados worldwide. Many pastry chefs in London’s leading hotels and restaurants use Chuao couverture in their chocolate creations and desserts.

Amedei also produce a fabulous range of Truffles, Pralines, Napolitans and chocolate bars for the private individual customer. Anyone who appreciates fine chocolate will adore Amedei.

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