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meet women singles events ukAlways working tirelessly on your behalf, we at Toffsworld have been looking into what’s new and interesting for you single toffs out there. And we’ve been talking to singles club RSVP – a dating service that prides itself on being a bit different from the bunch. A look at RSVP’s quirky website offers an early insight: this is an organisation that likes you to know what to expect. All aspects of the RSVP experience are covered in comprehensive detail.

We spoke to RSVP Marketing Director Roland Stringer, himself a bit of a toff, if we’re honest. We asked Roland what makes RSVP so different. “Three things really:

1. Confidentiality. People come to us because they’re successful; they don’t want their photo and profile floating around in the ether for anyone to find.
2. Flexibility. Talking to our members, it’s clear that one of the things they value most about their RSVP membership is their ability to come and go as they please, if they meet someone special or get very busy at work. Because membership is for life, you can dip in and out whenever it suits you.
3. Opportunity. Finding the right special person is about maximising the opportunities to meet such a person. That means that we spend our days creating those opportunities. With RSVP, let’s say a gentleman joining RSVP today could (if he’s prepared to put the effort in) meet, maybe, 50 single ladies in a month. And it would be the same for a lady joining.”

Okay, now you’re scaring us. 50?

meet women uk

“Yep, or maybe more. Don’t worry; you don’t have to have dozens dates! As well as introducing people one-to-one, we run over 50 events for our members every month – from dinners and dances to activity weekends and extreme sports. Go to a few of those as well as your one-to-one introductions and you’ll soon meet dozens of other singles. In fact, we’ve opened up a handful of our singles events for non-members, so any single person can get an idea of what they’re like; come along and see what it’s all about.”

Right, but most singles have a social life already, don’t they? Why would they want to come to RSVP’s events?

“I take you back to the word ‘opportunity’”, counters Roland. “Your social life hasn’t yet found you a perfect partner, so if you want to meet someone, you need to create opportunities that allow you to do so.”

singles events ukBut it’s time we’re all short of, surely? How are busy professionals going to be able to find the time that all this will take?

And they’ve even got an answer for that: “We invented the RSVP Dating PA concept for precisely this situation. Our Platinum members have a dedicated Dating PA who looks after their dating life; because you always talk to the same person, they get to know you – what you like; what you don’t. They pick your introductions, propose you to members you’ve been introduced to, cherry pick new members for you as they join. It just takes a lot of the time-consuming stuff off you, but you still have a great time meeting new people.”

January is a great time to go dating, with lots of people joining dating services across the country, and especially RSVP, who say it’s their busiest month of the year. And with a fantastic range of events over the winter and into spring, there are some great reasons to do something about your single status now.

So, if your New Year’s Resolution is to make an exit from singledom, be sure to mention Toffsworld when you get in touch with RSVP

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