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Fabio Capello Wears Zegna Suits

Fabio Capello Wears Zegna Suits

The Ermenegildo Zegna Group is a world leader in luxury men’s clothing and suits.

Founded in 1910, the Group is still a “family business” and is managed by the fourth generation of the family: Paolo as Chairman, Ermenegildo as Ceo,  Anna, Benedetta, Laura and Renata Zegna.

The founder’s sons, Angelo Zegna, Honorary Chairman of the Group, and Aldo Zegna, who passed away in 2000, took over the management of the company from their father in the ’60s. They lead the company into the ready-to-wear market with a line of men’s clothing aimed at the top end of the market, followed gradually by knitwear, accessories and sportswear. Their clothing is noted for the fine Merino wool they use.

As well as producing their own label suits, they manufacture suits for labels such as Gucci, Yves St Laurent and Tom Ford.

Zegna has also expanded into accessories, leather goods and perfume – it’s current lead cologne being Zegna Forte for men.

It employs more than 6.000 staff world-wide.

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