May 262012


Saint Honore

Saint Honore

Saint Honore Watch Paris

The essence of Paris captured in a unique style… This watch brings together three stars in the same image: the Eiffel Tower, the French model Laurine, and the Opéra watch.

SAINT HONORE recently unveiled its new advertising campaign at Baselworld 2012, the international watch fair.

Made by the Parker+Parker agency and shot by fashion photographer Sébastien Cottereau, the new SAINT HONORE campaign celebrates the SAINT HONORE woman.

“This new campaign is all about style and dreams. It is dedicated to women and to Paris, two major themes of the SAINT HONORE brand. Around the world, Paris is recognised as the capital of trends and fashion. From Tokyo to New York, Dubai to Moscow, women everywhere have a great admiration for the French capital. It is an incredible asset and we wanted to show it at its best in an elegant, high-impact visual. The colours, the diamond pattern, the Eiffel Tower, Laurine herself, all come together to create a magical dream,” explains Olivier Birault, the brand’s CEO.

The campaign is as innovative as the SAINT HONORE brand, and introduces the “French-damier” diamond motif, a new theme for the brand, and presents the very glamorous “Diamond EclairTM” version of its best-selling Opéra watch.

The campaign is another step forward for SAINT HONORE in terms of strengthening its identity and boosting its international development.

“Our watches are like Parisian women – elegant, seductive and contemporary – and like Paris itself: a savvy blend of tradition, with its majestic avenues and attractive buildings, and innovation, with its trendy districts, fashion shows and festivals. It truly is the City of Light.”

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