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Valentin Yudaskhin

Valentin Yudaskhin

Valentin Yudashkin’s House of Fashion has existed since 1988.

In 1997 the boutique Valentin Yudashkin was opened in Moscow, in Kutuzovsky avenue, and in 1999 the jewellery and perfume series Valentin Yudashkin was launched at the Fashion House Valentin Yudashkin.

Today the Fashion House of Valentin Yudashkin is a large venture which starts new lines of business almost every year jewellery, table silver, china, male and female casual look underwear and  sun glasses.

russian haute couture

Yudashkin designs are exhibited in the Louvre Costume Museum, the California Fashion Museum and the International Olympic Museum

Jeans clothes under the trademark “Yudashkin Jeans Collection” have been made at the request of the Italian Fashion House since 1997. Collections of jeans clothes as well as pret-a-porte clothes are renewed once every six months. They normally include not only jeans classics, but also trendy jeans models for youth made of the newest technical materials. The jeans collection of Valentin Yudashkin is famous for its elaborated patterns.

russian military uniform

Mr. Yudaskin was hired by Vladimir Putin to design fashionable new Russian Army uniforms

valentin yudashkin

Russian Fashion Week Valentin Yudashkin Fall-Winter 2010-2011

Volvo Fashion Week in Moscow was opened with Valentin Yudashkin Fall-Winter 2010-2011 collection catwalk.

Yudashkin presents simple luxury collection with classic dresses, interesting cocktail dresses, some furs and military-style costumes.


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