Feb 022012

TNT Royal Retro Sapphire Watch

TNT Royal Retro Sapphire Watch

In 2009, Pierre DeRoche introduced a world first with the launch of the TNT Royal Retro and its six retrograde seconds mechanisms.

Swiss Watch MechanismThis watch made a significant impact, and three years later, the brand is proud to present its star model with seven visible sapphire bridges.

The now entirely transparent movement unveils yet more of its mysteries, further revealing the originality of its spectacular complication.

The association of sapphire and titanium, two extraordinarily hard materials, gives a whole new expression to the TNT Royal Retro Sapphire.

Refined, flowing and crystal-clear, as well as sleek, masculine and sporty: in short, the perfect blend of delicacy and strength. 11-piece limited edition.

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