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Ray Kelvin of Ted Baker shuns photographers

Ray Kelvin of Ted Baker shuns photographers

Born in 1955, North London, Raymond Stuart Kelvin founded the Ted Baker Brand in 1988, when he opened up a men’s shirt shop called Ted Baker in Glasgow.

He has continued to expand his business and Ted Baker is now a worldwide brand.

Unlike countless other designers, Ray prefers to scale down his own profile in order to further the fictional profile of ‘Ted Baker’, shunning the spotlight and doing few interviews.

1987 – The idea for a global brand came to Ted whilst fishing.

1988 – He opened the first store in Glasgow, quickly followed by King Street, Manchester and Nottingham Exchange Arcade.

1993 – Opened stores in Soho, London, Leeds Victoria Quarter and Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham.

Nowadays, Ted Baker is a worldwide company.

In November 2010, Kelvin’s mother and inspiration Trudie Kelvin died.

Ted Baker online store sell designer clothing and accessories for men, women, boys and girls.

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