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Sonia Nathalie Rykiel Designers

Sonia and Nathalie Rykiel

Sonia Rykiel was born in Paris, France in 1930.

Sonia Rykiel is especially noted for her knitwear and her habit for writing random words across her clothing. She is still an icon 40 years after she started.

She began in 1962 by creating sweaters and maternity dresses for her husband’s shop Laura in Paris. This came about because she was pregnant at the time and couldn’t find any suitable clothing. So she made her own. She was crowned “Queen of Knits” by the Americans in 1967.


Sonia Rykiel Knitwear at H&M stores

By 1974 she had created inside-out stitching, elminated hems and begun to design tracksuits – freeing women from normal fashion constraints.

In 2008 she was made Commandeur De l’Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur by President Nicholas Sarkozy.

Her daughter Nathalie, born in 1975 is now the President and Creative Director of the company.

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