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Romeo Gigli Menswear

Romeo Gigli - Menswear 2011

Romeo Gigli was born in  Faenza, Italy on 12 December 1949 to a wealthy  family.

Gigli produces clothes that are subtle and sophisticated. He blends colours with a fluid sense of cut and drape to give a feeling of balance and harmony to his designs, perhaps as a result of his architectural training and fondness for all things Renaissance.

Gigli’s father was in the antiquarian book business and Gigli himself acknowledged: “My ideas are all from pictures I have in my head from 15th and 16th century books.”

But inspired as he was by his father’s trade, Gigli did not go into the family business.

Instead, he studied architecture for two years, traveling regularly to London and Paris. In 1972, a store in Bologna, Italy, asked Gigli to design clothes based on the avant-garde street fashions he had seen in these two capital cities.

In 1978, Gigli traveled to New York to design a collection of menswear for Piertro Dimitri. Although Dimitri wanted him to stay and sign an exclusive design contract, Gigli remained in New York for only one season. He then returned to Italy and began work as a design consultant for several Italian clothing companies, including Timmi.

Gigli launched his own company in 1983 and set up his own label, manufactured by the Novara based company Zamasport.

Romeo Gigli Fashion Designer

Romeo Gigli Fashion Designer

In 1989 Gigli made a controversial move, taking his style presentations from Milan to Paris, where he continued to show under the tents outside the Louvre and under the auspices of the French fashion organization, Le Chambre du Syndicale, before moving into a showroom in the Marais district. In 1991, Gigli separated from his two business partners, restructured his business, and created “Romeo World”.
A highly stylised website from the Italian designer, Romeo Gigli´s a world of art, fashion and design.

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