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Ralph Lauren Designer

Ralph Lauren Designer

Ralph Lipschitz was born in the Bronx, New York on October 14 1939 and would soon become known the world over as fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren attended the Salanter Academy Jewish Day School and graduated DeWitt Clinton High School in 1957. When he was 16 he legally changed his name to Lauren.

Ralph Lauren did not pursue any type of formal fashion design training but instead enrolled in a business degree which he eventually dropped out of. Most of what he learned about fashion he learned in the evening because of the jobs that he held or as a salesman. Around this time Ralph Lauren began to design a line of wide ties for men and with a $50,000 loan founded the Polo label in 1968.
In 1970 he won the COTY Award for his clothing line for men. Inspired by this success he released a womens line in a classic men style and designed an emblem for his company.

Classic Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

Classic Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

In 1972 he released the famous polo shirt with the emblem on the chest, in 24 colors. Soon it became a classic. He provided the clothes for the movie The Great Gasby.

On 11 June 1977, Polo Ralph Lauren became a public company traded with the symbol LR under the New York Stock Exchange.
In the spring of 1987, Ralph Lauren found that he had a benign brain tumor. He had surgery on April and fully recovered after it.
Today, Ralph Lauren is a global billion dollar business with interests all over the world.

Lauren continues to be its creative director.

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