Jan 042006

Piaget Ultra Thin Watch

Since its foundation in 1874, Piaget has been cultivating a spirit of luxury while emphasising its creativity, attention to detail and fully integrated watchmaking and jewellery expertise.

Originally specialised in the design and production of watch movements, the manufacture expanded the scope of its expertise in the 1960s with the launch of astonishing jewellery watches, followed by innovative jewellery collections.

Expressing the spirit of the times, Piaget’s watch and jewellery designs embody the eternal quest for technical mastery, transformed by boldness, expertise and imagination.

Piaget’s ability to produce ultra-slim mechanical movements and the skills of their master jewellers gave the company an extraordinary dual status.

In 1976 the Piaget workshop developed the Calibre 7P, the smallest quartz movement of its generation. Creativity and the expression of a unique style became a Piaget hallmark.

Since 2005, the firm entered the very exclusive circle of brands having their own chronograph movement, with a 5.6 mm-thick dual-time flyback calibre that is faithful to the company’s tradition of elegance.

In 2010, Piaget is returning to its roots by introducing a new line of ultra-thin calibres paying tribute to the legendary 12P first launched 50 years ago. At just 2.35 mm thick, the new-generation 1200P and 1208P is the thinnest self-winding movement on the market.

All of these masterpieces are completely in line with Piaget’s proverbial inventiveness and emphatically reassert the founder’s motto: “Always do better than necessary”.

The only watchmaker dealing exclusively in platinum and gold, Piaget has long been established as one of the world’s top luxury watch brands.


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