Aug 302006

Levi Vintage Leather Jacket Oki-ni

oki-ni was born in September 2001.

Originally both a global gallery space and online destination, oki-ni worked with estabilished brands and upcoming designers to offer innovative collaborative products to knowledgeable fashion consumers.

Exclusive, limited edition, oki-ni designed products were produced in partnership with Adidas, Levi’s, Paul Smith, Honda and Motorola to name a few.

Pieces were displayed in beautifully designed spaces that could be found at the Savile Row flagship store, as well as leading fashion destinations across the UK and Japan. Here customers were able to touch, feel and try the product before ordering online either with the help of a gallery assistant or in their home or office.

Nearly a decade on, the concept of oki-ni has evolved but the ethos has remained. The drive to discover and break the most inspiring products available, while them in an enviroment true to us, is still our main focus.

oki-ni is group of young, enthused, product focused individuals led by three directors with over 50 years combined expeience.

 4:11 pm  Fashion

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