Aug 302006

Franco Moschino Italian Designer

Franco Moschino Italian Designer

Franco Moschino (February 27, 1950 – September 18, 1994) was an Italian fashion designer who used wit, color and provocative designs to poke fun at the fashion establishment. He was completely un-orthodox.

Ironically, he became famous for the very thing he was poking fun at…

Franco Moschino became an illustrator for Gianni Versace until he broke away and launched his own label in 1983. His first company was called Moonshadow followed by the more famous Moschino Couture.

He started off with jeans and casual wear which was quickly followed by shoes, lingerie, accessories and much more…

He died unexpectedly of a heart attack in 1994 and his creative work has been continued since by his then assistant Rossella Jardini who has maintained the funky, fun fashion to this day.

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