Aug 242006

church's shoes

Incorporating Church’s, Crockett and Jones and Barker, Jones Bootmakers sell a quality selection of mens’ shoes online. All shoes are of the highest quality and classic design.

barker shoes


Barker have been making high quality English shoes for almost 120 years. Everyone is a masterpiece, created by the finest craftsmen from the finest leathers.

Featured (left) are a traditional Oxford Semi-Brogue. Goodyear welted construction.

You can purchase Authorised Barker shoes online here.

church's shoes


Church’s shoes are worn with pride by almost every City banker in London.

The suptle sheen of the leather is their distinguishing feature – as is the quality of the craftsmanship.

Featured right is a pair of Oxford brogues.

You can purchase Authorised Churches shoes online here.

Crockett and Jones shoes

Crockett & Jones

Founded in 1879, Crockett & Jones are renowned for their fine quality shoes.

You can visit their stores in the City of London, Jermyn Street, Paris and New York. Each pair is made to an exceptionally high standard involving over 200 separate operations.

You can purchase Authorised Crockett & Jones shoes online here.

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  2 Responses to “Mens Formal Shoes UK”

  1. Hello there,
    I am a size 6 which is not always easy to find. I have also got problems wearing uncomfortable shoes which cause me pain in my feet while walking. I find shoes with soft and thick rubber sole more comfortable than others. I prefer slip on shoes than the laces ones. Would you please advise me if you can help me in this regard and how much that will cost me?

    With regards

  2. I have been buying Dack Shoes (in Canada) for over 40 years.
    Unfortunately Dack’s have closed their stores. I understand that Church’s Shoes purchased
    the Dack brand prior to the closure.
    I will soon need several pair of shoes and would like to purchase your brand.
    Do you have retail outlets in Canada? If so where are they located? I am in Saskatchewan so would be most interested in western canadian locations.
    Next question; if I need to purchase on-line will my Dack shoe size be comparable to a Church shoe size?
    I appreciate your attention.
    Al Muir

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