Jan 272010
Kate Moss Longchamp

Kate Moss Designs and models Longchamp

Longchamp is a French leather and luxury goods company.

Longchamp was founded by Jean Cassegrain in 1948, and the company employed craftsmen across the country to create leather coverings for pipes and other products geared toward smokers.

By 1955, the company had expanded to include small leather goods, opening its first factory in Segré.

By the 1970s, Longchamp opened its first boutiques in Hong Kong and Japan, and became known for its lightweight travel goods.

In 1980, the founder’s son and current company president, Philippe Cassegrain took the helm and began expanding its retail and factory locations into Belgium and Germany. The company also began producing clothing, scarves, and other fashion accessories.

In 1993, Longchamp introduced its “Le Pliageline, a collection of foldable travel bags made of vinyl and leather trim.

On January 27th at the ritz Hotel in Paris, Kate Moss launched a new exclusive line “Kate Moss for Longchamp”.


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