May 212011
LaDress by Simone

LaDress by Simone

‘Every woman needs that one perfect dress for every occasion.’

Simone van Trojen of LaDress

Simone van Trojen of LaDress

Does this sound familiar? You have been invited out on a date or you have an important meeting; you then spend hours in front of your wardrobe searching for that one special outfit that you know fits the bill.

This was a problem which had faced Simone van Trojen on many occasions and which ultimately took her on a year long search for the perfect dress.

Because with a good dress, you can go anywhere and you are never under or overdressed.
But the search was not as easy as Simone had initially envisaged… 

Once Simone van Trojen realised that the ideal dress did not seem to exist, she took an unusual step: she designed LaDress.

Based on an apparently simple model, Trojen designed a dress which would fit any woman perfectly, a versatile dress of the very highest quality.

LaDress is only available online at:


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