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Katharine Hamnett Slogan T-Shirt

Katherine Hamnett is a British eighties fashion icon, best known for her political slogan T-shirts.

She has re-launched her slogan cotton organic t-shirts with a re-issue of the Choose Life brand. She is also well known as an active campaigner on environmental and social issues.

She also invented distressed denim, stonewash denim, stretch denim, parachute silk, garment dyeing, the crumpled look, military inspired sportswear, power dressing, leggings, lycra, jump suits, retro revivals and ethical and environmental clothing.
Katharine Hamnett Portrait

Katharine Hamnett Portrait

In 1989 Hamnett discovered that the  fashion industry was responsible for a living environmental nightmare. Millions of people in the garment sector were working in conditions of slavery.

She found that pesticide poisoning in cotton-growing regions, and sweatshop labour was a major part of the textile industry.

Hamnett began lobbying for major changes in the way the industry operated.

In 2003 Hamnett realised that Organic Cotton was the way forward.

Hamnett re-launched Katharine E Hamnett menswear and womenswear including re-issued eighties fashion slogan t-shirts made with organic cotton to the highest ethical and environmental standards in the world.

Available from their website and selected retailers worldwide.

She has also signed a deal to do ethical and environmental clothing with Tesco.

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