Aug 292006
Chiarugi Designer Swimwear and Lingerie

Chiarugi Designer Swimwear and Lingerie

Chiarugi was founded in the mid-1980’s. The company began with lingerie and intimate apparel, creating a style that swept away traditional colors and materials and taking over new, emerging styles.

Chiarugi’s heritage is visible in its distinctive style: cultural trends, the power of inexhaustible creativity, ongoing innovative research and strong background of experience.

Chiarugi beachwear is about style and fashion trends. Unusual appliqués and sophisticated materials express the personality of the woman who wears it: elegance or a desire to be noticed, character or effervescence, or an ironic way of looking at the world.

From now on, Chiarugi merchandise will only be available in the virtual shop – a single brand store, open all over the world and ready to welcome its old and new customers.

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