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canali designer wear
In 1934, the brothers Giovanni and Giacomo Canali founded a Tailoring workshop dedicated to the manufacture of high quality clothing.

In the 1950’s – with the contributions of the family’s second generation – sales swelled. As the firm specialized in fine menswear, its presence began to influence the Italian market. By the mid Seventies, the firm had opened its doors to foreign buyers. Exports consumed 50 percent of the entire Canali production in 1980.

Canali For Men Winter 2010

Canali For Men Winter 2010

The range of Canali products broadened with the launch of the Canali Proposta and Canali Exclusive lines, as well as expanding to encompass an accessories collection of shirts, ties, belts, shoes and the distinctive line of CANALI Sportswear.

In its third generation, Canali today constitutes a design and manufacturing group, with seven centers of production located in Italy – all connected with its headquarters at Sovico, near Milan.

Each garment is Tailored made and 100 percent produced in Italy.

The new Autumn Winter 2010 collection is a play on geometrical patterns, signs and creativity: sharp tailoring in cool colourways for a modern, metropolitan look, juxtaposed against more rounded, supple silhouettes in warm tones permeated by a vintage, aristocratic feel.

The numbers: every day Canali’s 1,500 employees produce some 1,400 suits and 1,600 pairs of trousers, all of them Tailored and finished by hand one at a time – to serve a clientele in more than 80 countries. Exporting about 75 percent of production, Canali maintains 11 show-rooms abroad. Canali can be purchased at 1,000 locations around the world, including specialty stores with over fifty exclusive shop-in-shops and the flagship stores in Milan, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Miami, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Beijing, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and Kuwait City.

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