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Blanchpain watch


Blancpain started making watches in 1735 in Villeret, Switzerland.

Since that time they have never produced a quartz watch and claim that they never will.

Blancpain produces fewer than 10,000 watches a year with each watch is made by a single watchmaker.

Blancpain went into bankruptcy and stopped production for a long period but was saved by Jean-Claude Biver, an executive with Omega. Blancpain is owned by the Swatch Group. Nick Hayek, the son of The Swatch Group’s founder and chairman, Nicolas Hayek runs the company.


Blanchpain was worn by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his team during the shoot of “The World of Silence” (Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1956), Blancpaines Fifty Fathoms was also selected for its technical superiority by several armies.


Blanchpain launched The World’s Thinnest Split-Second Chronograph.


Blancpain presents simultaneously all six masterpieces of the watchmaker’s art housed in identical cases. And finally, marking watchmaking history, the 1735 including all six masterpieces in a single watchcase the most complicated wristwatch ever made.


To celebrate the 300th birthday of its founder, Jehan-Jacques Blancpain, the company in Le Brassus created the 7001 watch.
Launch of The World’s First Wristwratch Repeater with Automata


Launch of the 2100 watch (Leman collection today) whose screw-locked case back and pushpieces ensure water-resistance to 100 meters, a perfect companion for the ceaseless drive and mobility of the women and men of today.


An all-time record year: the watches of the 2100 sports line (Leman collection today) were named “Watches of the Year” for 1995-96.


Blancpain develops the new 100-hours movement for adaptation on all models of the 2100 collection (Leman collection today) (moon phase, extra-slim, perpetual calendar).
Launch of the flyback chronograph.


Blancpain is the first brand to bring out a ladies chronograph with flyback hand.
Creation of the new self-winding Ladybird watch, housing a tiny automatic movement, the smallest and the slimmest in the world.


Launch of the Sea Earth Sky trilogy including the Fifty Fathoms, the GMT and the Air Command.
Launch of The World’s First Automatic Tourbillon with 8 Days Power Reserve.


A World’s First Combination of Tourbillon and Chronograph Complications.


Launch of The World’s First Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon with 8 Days Power Reserve.


The ladies watch prize of Geneva’s first Watchmaking Grand Prix was awarded to Blancpain’s flyback pastel chronograph (ref. 2385F-192GC-52).


The ladies watch prize of La Revue des Montres was awarded to Blancpain’s self-winding flyback chronograph (ref. 2385-1127).
The ultra-slim, Villeret, self-winding (ref. 4053-1540-55) was recognised “Watch of the Year” by the Swiss public.
In Austria, the Luxus prize of the Chrono Awards and the men’s watch prize of the press were awarded to Blancpain’s ultra-slim, Villeret, self-winding (ref. 4063-3642-55).


Revival of the Moon Phase and the World’s Smallest Calendar Moon Phase Plate.


Launch of The World’s First Equation Marchante Wristwatch.


The World’s First Hidden Calendar Correctors. Launch of the First Perpetual Calendar with correctors under the lugs.
Launch of The World’s Thinnest Perpetual Calendar.


Creation of Blancpain Calibre 13R0. The Dawn of a New Era.


Launch of The World’s First Carrousel Volant Une Minute.

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