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Bea Valdes Designer Portrait

Bea Valdes Designer Portrait

Bea Valdes designs handbags, jewellery and accessories – all hand finished.

She grew up in Manila, Philippines.

She came from a family who had been in the fine jewelry trade for three generations. She studied Creative Writing and Industrial Design in the University of the Philippines. She pursued to further her studies in Interior design at the Inchbald School in London, where she was awarded the ”Designer’s Prize”.

In 2004, her first bag collection was launched by Firma Manila. She presented her second collection for the Asia Society, Manila in February 2005.

In spring 2005, she presented her collection to the US, where they were immediately photographed by Vogue Magazine and in the same year, her creations were dubbed by the magazine as “the must have evening bags of the year”.

Her works are now carried in Barneys and Saks Fifth Avenue in the United States and Harvey Nichols Hong Kong as well as in select European jewelry stores.

Her bags are beaded by hand, which means no two are exactly alike.


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  1. Hi! Where can I buy Bea’s bag and neckpiece in the Philippines.I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you very much and God bless!

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