Aug 292006

Barbara Bui on Runway

Barbara Bui on the Runway

Barbara Bui Ready To Wear 2011

Barbara Bui Ready To Wear 2011

Barbara Bui was born in Paris in 1956 to a Vietnamese father and French mother.

She entered the fashion world in 1983 by opening the boutique Kabuki on the Rue de Turbigo in Paris.

In 1998 she floats on the stockmarket and follows that a year later by opening a 600 square metre space in Paris.

The same year she opened in New York and Milan establishing Bui as an International luxury brand.

In 2000 she launched her first luxury accessories collection of Handbags and shoes.

In 2003 Barbara Bui is unanimously elected as a member of the “Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Francaise et des Createurs de Mode È and returns to the runways during the Paris Fashion Week.

In 2009 she opens in Monaco and Russia and enters the world of jewellery.

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