Business Development

Merchants and Manufacturers

We find ways to market your products across the world

Toffsworld can find New Buyers, New Retailers, New Affiliates and New Countries to sell your products and services to.

When you look through the pages of, you get an idea of the vast knowledge base that Toffsworld has to work with and the scale of our databases of contacts.

We use the latest technology – much of it developed in-house – to identify opportunitis across the world for our clients and u them in-touch with Entrepreneurs and Online Buyers.

Our particular expertise is in the Luxury and Lifestyle sectors.

So whether you design clothes, manufacture household goods, make jewellery or design home interiors or yachts – we’ve probably got a client base in place to contact for you.

Our approach is simple, we seek out E-tailers, Retailers, Distributors or potential Partners for your business or opportunity – and implement technology where necessary.

Our goals are tied to your yours.

By working together we can assist you in increasing your brand awareness, increasing traffic to your website and helping you to sell more of your products or services in real outlets.

We will also keep you informed and updated on industry developments and new ideas, new services and new opportunities that allow you to continue growing.

Do get in touch to learn more about the exciting opportunities that are out there…