Jun 162013
Cashmere Star Scarf

Cashmere Star Scarf

Willow Cashmere specialise in beautiful cashmere clothing and accessories.

Fine Cashmere Throw

Fine Cashmere Throw

Their range comes in a variety of easy colours (deep indigo, soft stone, grey marl…) designed to create an effortless wardrobe that you will want to wear all year round.

Their collection also includes the travel wraps, ponchos, tunics, glamorous evening shawls and the most covetable gifts and accessories…

If you buy 100% cashmere garments from Willow, you can be assured of the quality; your clothing will wash beautifully, keep its shape and of course keep you beautifully warm.


Wherever possible, Willow Cashmere produces its collection in Nepal, using the same family run workshop they have been using for over five years.

By continuing to produce this way, they are not only putting money back into the local economy, but are helping to sustain the traditional skills that have been passed down through generations.

Willow’s embellished cashmere shawls are hand loomed, dyed using eco friendly solutions and every sequin is embroidered by hand.

Nepal is famous for its diamond weave fine cashmere pashminas and you will not find a similar quality anywhere else in the world.


Jun 082013
Help for Heroes integrates at Debenhams thanks to Eurostop

Help for Heroes Trading Limited has opened three concessions at Debenhams stores in Southampton, Basildon and Gloucester. It is supported by systems from Eurostop.  Help for Heroes has integrated its Eurostop e-rmis retail management solution with the Debenhams in-house POS and stock control systems, making trading much easier. The Help for Heroes stores, which are [READ MORE…]