May 122013

Barbour CoatWhen it comes to iconic fashion labels, Barbour are about as British as they come.

Since the first jacket was made by John Barbour in the 1800’s the brand has evolved to keep up with the changing times and fashions. Known best for the high quality Barbour Wax Jackets; there are now over 2000 products in the collection with the brand selling to an ever increasing audience now in its millions!

Long gone are the stereotypes of the “farmers market” wearers and sheep herders; Barbour’s target market has evolved over time just as its products have.  Just after the turn of the century, Barbour shifted its attention to the mainstream and its popularity has increased ever since.

Barbour Jacket

Latest Barbour Jacket

They have developed a range of products that offers something for everyone without selling out on the quality; and as a result the perception of the Barbour brand has shifted.

Although not “high street fashion” Barbour has managed to increase its reach and claw into the mainstream fashionista’s, whist still maintaining its core market of the affluent country walker.

Barbour’s Product Range for Man about Town

Barbour’s product range is constantly growing and you can now have the whole family dressed from head to foot in Barbour (if you wanted to)!

By cleverly tweaking ranges and adding to their product lines they’ve created a collection of clothing that anyone would be happy to wear – more recently this has included younger people across a wider range of demographics.

Barbour have proved that; even in these times of hardship people know quality and will pay for quality. That’s why Barbour, without compromising its tradition or heritage will stand the test of time and why it’s successfully managed to transition its brand from the English country gent in to the man about town.

Smith and Morris have an online store that sell a wide range of Barbour clothing.


May 022013
Aeroboat Yacht with Spitfire Engine

The Lymington-based studio Claydon Reeves last night unveiled its Aeroboat design at HR Owen Rolls-Royce showroom in Berkeley square, London. This £3 million superyacht is a sleek boat with an original Rolls-Royce V12 Merlin engine at its heart. The same engine as used in Spitfires. Each of the 14.64m Aeroboat engines will be detuned to [READ MORE…]

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