Jun 292011


With the price of a Hasselblad camera now starting at under £9,000, every serious photographer or enthusiastic amateur should have one in their bag.

A Hasselblad offers a different experience and crisper detail to the 35m you’re probably used to. For starters, its ability to capture light is likely to be superior to anything you’ve used before.

Have you for instance, ever experienced the problem of looking from inside a room to the outside, or the reverse, looking from outside into a comparatively dark interior?

Well, the High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) feature of a Hasselblad is designed to capture all these tonal values in the picture, from the brightest lights to the darkest shadows.


Couple this with the True Focus of a Hasselblad and you can see why advertising and fashion photographers will opt for a Hasselblad every time.

Hasselblad’s True Focus feature helps solve the problem of accurate focusing throughout the image field.

A typical auto­focus camera can only correctly measure focus on subjects that are in the image center. To focus on a subject outside the center area, you must first lock focus on the subject and then re­compose the image.

Some cameras are equipped with a multi­point AF sensor to accommodate this problem. But even then, the photo­grapher is still forced to focus first and then shift the camera to reframe, with the resulting loss of focus as a result.

Hasselblad on the other hand uses yaw rate sensor technology to measure camera move­ment.

The result is the new Absolute Position Lock (APL) processor. The APL processor accurately logs camera movement during any re­composing, uses these exact measurements to calculate the necessary focus adjust­ment, and then issues the proper commands to the lens’s focus motor so it can compensate.


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Jun 272011
Davina Designer Shoes

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Jun 252011
How to make a decent holiday video...

  Before you jet off on your Summer Holidays, why not take a crash course on how to make a decent Holiday video? In another few days the clocks go forward to Summer time, Easter will be upon us, the racing season has started and you’re planning your next cruise. Your video camera is looking [READ MORE…]

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Jun 202011
One Sandy Lane - Barbados

Luxury property at One Sandy Lane Barbados. Prices starting at $25 million dollars. 1 Sandy Lane is the new prestigious address to belong to – next to famous Sandy Lane hotel. The development is set in one of the loveliest West Coast beaches in Barbados, the winter getaway of celebrities and wealthy travellers.    

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Jun 172011
Penelope & Parker Leather Handbags

Penelope and Parker is an emerging British luxury leather brand specialising in sophisticated and stylish work wear bags and ladies designer laptop bags and Handbags. Carefully selected and high quality materials and fittings are used to create functional designer must haves handbags for the grown up boy and girl. The hand crafted bags are beautifully [READ MORE…]

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Jun 162011
Valentin Yudashkin

Valentin Yudashkin’s House of Fashion has existed since 1988. In 1997 the boutique Valentin Yudashkin was opened in Moscow, in Kutuzovsky avenue, and in 1999 the jewellery and perfume series Valentin Yudashkin was launched at the Fashion House Valentin Yudashkin. Today the Fashion House of Valentin Yudashkin is a large venture which starts new lines [READ MORE…]

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Jun 112011
English Leather Mens Shoes

Genuine English Leather Mens Shoes. The English Shoe Company is what it says. An English Shoe Company run and operated by two Englishmen, partners that have been in business together for the last 40 years. All of their shoe ranges are selected to improve confidence and appeal in business and your personal life.   ABOUT [READ MORE…]

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Jun 032011
Tom Ford – mens fashion designer

Tom Ford was born in Austin, Texas in 1962, but spent most of his childhood years in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Tom Ford enrolled on an art history course at New York University and was also trained as an actor. It was there he discovered the seminal Studio 54 nightclub and Warhol’s Factory, where he [READ MORE…]

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