Nov 302010
Artistic Bespoke Lighting

Artistic Bespoke Lighting

Cinderella’s Revenge, is the worlds first chandelier created as an alter to the love of shoes with an 8-ft drop, and fiber optic illumination. Its tubular glass fringes cause light to subtly fade amidst a trail of luxuriously covered heels, elegantly trailing along the floor.

home candelierTerry De Havilland is the ultimate Rock & Roll shoe designer. His haute couture shoes are lusted after; they are desired. They adorn the feet of beautiful women the world over. They demand to be presented to the world on a pedestal, they are timeless works of art.

Fiona Gall also loves De Havilland shoes and in their honor created this fantastical chandelier ‘Cinderella’s Revenge’.

Fiona designer of the Emerald Faerie bespoke lighting collections, had previously created sculptural lighting objects stimulated by her love of fashion pieces for her Naughty Faerie collection. Inspired by the Naughty Fearie collection Hermes commissioned her in 2008 to create light bags of their iconic Birkin, Kelly, Bombay and the new Rugby bags. These were used as the centerpiece for the launch of their 2008 autumn windows in five stores across America.

Fiona has now created a chandelier that encapsulates the luxury, glamour, and customized finish and detail inherent in both hers and De Havilland‘s bespoke creations. ‘Cinderella’s Revenge’ reinterprets the design of De Havilland shoes. It echo’s and celebrates the glamour of their fabrics and adornments, the shape of the 7-inch heels, and the very tools used to make them, whilst amplifying their theatrical presence.

Inspired by this extravagant homage, De Havilland returned the compliment and designed a pair of shoes especially for ‘Cinderella’s revenge. With heels covered in bespoke leatherwork of gold & silver iguana skin, these shoes now form the apex of the chandelier.


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Nov 302010
Hamish Mackie British wildlife sculptor

Hamish Mackie is established as one of the top British wildlife sculptors. Hamish has been sculpting since school, finding himself lucky to have both a natural talent as well as a passion which was developed at Radley College, Falmouth school of Art and Kingston University. His sculptures are cast in bronze or silver as limited editions, signed, dated and [READ MORE…]

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Nov 302010
Exclusive and unique gifts for men

Luxuries sourced from around the globe. Browsing their website is easy because they bring you a wonderful selection to choose from – exquisite accessories from famous brand names like Ferragamo, Versace, Bohemian crystal glasses from Prague and butter-soft leather goods from Italy. Elegant gifts from Links of London and Penhaligon’s are nestled alongside practical Philippi mens’ items from Germany. Many [READ MORE…]

Nov 302010
Luxury Mauritius with Beachcomber Tours

Beachcomber Hotels were the first hotel company on the island of Mauritius, so had the pick of the prime locations and beaches – with Beachcomber you are assured of the best addresses, whichever of their nine outstanding hotels you choose. For those after the very best Mauritius holiday there is no finer location than the stunning Le [READ MORE…]

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Nov 302010
Design and build with an Italian flair

Need to impress a special someone in your life? Want to treat yourself to the latest in Italian style and flair? Look no further…….. Grano has specialised in bringing style, opulence and perfection to all areas of interior design, property development and acquisitions since its inception in 2000. They have a dedicated team of designers [READ MORE…]

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Nov 302010
The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers - ARC

The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers – ARC – starts each November in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It has now become the most popular way to cross the Atlantic. It all began in 1986 when world sailor Jimmy Cornell set out to get the annual trek of yachts across the Atlantic collected into one group [READ MORE…]

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Nov 292010
Barcelona World Race Double Handed Regatta

The Barcelona World Race is the first only double-handed (two-crew) regatta around the world. This is a non-stop regatta with some outside assistance permitted, although subject to rules and  penalties. The Barcelona World Race 2010/11 is the second edition of the regatta. The first was in 2007/08. The third edition will take place in 2014. [READ MORE…]

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Nov 292010
Admirals Cup - History and Going forward

The Admirals Cup was an international competition based on teams of three boats, run by the Royal Ocean Racing Club from Cowes. The Admiral’s Cup began as a private challenge in 1957, but in 1959 the club was asked to run the series. Although the Americans did not return that year, Holland and France took [READ MORE…]

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Nov 272010
Audemars Piguet with Michael Schumacher

Audemars Piguet is still in the hands of the original family since 1875. Audemars Piguet began from the joint efforts of Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet. Their aim was to create complicated watches, a craft that they still carry on today. In November 2010, their legacy took a new turn when Audemars Piguet CEO Philippe [READ MORE…]

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Nov 262010

When The O2 arena opened on 24 June 2007, it was a defining moment in British entertainment history. Since then, this luxurious and iconic destination has become the highest grossing venue in the world, winning numerous awards and has set a new benchmark in the way that people expect and deserve to be entertained. With [READ MORE…]

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